Can demons do things without being asked to?

Hello… So I lost my job a few months ago and have been very anxious and increasingly had suicidal thoughts ever since. I haven’t had any big notable interactions with any demon only Lilith giving me a dream as requested. (Although it meant a lot to me, not really a big breakthrough to others.) I feel she is watching me in a motherly way and has seen the way I have been. Last night, my manager whom I worked for got in contact with me. Although no sign of getting my job back, could this be something Lilith has done to help me because she saw the state I was in? Or am I completely reaching… I haven’t done an evocation or anything in the sort of asking for anything because I don’t feel the need to. I feel this is sorta just all a coincidence but just wanted to know if it’s possible for them to do things without being asked.


Magick works through coincidence :wink:

And yes, spirits can act of their own will. If Lilith has taken a motherly interest in you, it is very possible she picked up on your emotions and helped you out.


Wow that’s exciting. I only thought they did things upon request it’s exciting to hear they can influence your life without asking, but also scary at the same time… This changes a lot for me because I feel multiple things have happened in my life that could be her work.


I know that if not Lilith, spirits have done this for me even before I got into magick if I think back on it. However even now too.


Having called upon Lilith, she would certainly be there for you, especially if you’re feeling a motherly energy from her. Yes they have their own will just the same and can help if they so deem fit. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Lilith has definitely shown me her motherly aspect. Its the one I’m most familiar with. :slight_smile:


When I worked with Lucifer and Astarte, opportunities popped up frequently so yes it can happen

I feel you. Looking backwards, I can see influence from several of those I work with now that wasn’t obvious at the time or I wasn’t actively practicing, but they had an interest for whatever reason and helped guide me to get where I am.

I still see it happening, too, but they’re more open about it.


So true

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