Can Calling On The Names Of Spirits Be Used As An Act Of Worship

Hi Everyone I Have Been Wondering Can Calling On The Names of Demons, Dieties Fallen Angels And Spirits Be Used As An Act Of Worship Or Paying Homage To Them? Or Is It Meaningless?
Can It Be Used In Meditation?
Can It Be Used To Induce Trance?

Any nonsense can be used to induce trance. It’s called glossolalia, aka “speaking in tongues.”

Anything can be used as a focus for meditation.

Sure. A “Dear Satan” is no different than a “Dear Jesus” or a “Dear Spongebob.”


Thank You Mr Darkest Knight You’re so Knowledgeable

Mr Darkest Knight You should run for president next year you’d make a magnificent president!

If you say it meaninglessly, then it is meaningless.

If you say it with fervor, then absolutely, it can be an act of veneration/adoration

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