Can Bathin help in country change?

Hi everyone.

I was working yesterday with Belial and in a conversation to get some knowledge I asked him if Bathin could help someone to travel to another country.

Well, I made a request to Belial (wich obviusly I can’t tell) and after asked this he told me trough omens and other stuff to search the answer by my own means.

The fact is I was going to call Bathin but I came here and searched the forum but all I found was some discussion on astral traveling and stuff. I found some answer in this but was short phrases with some possible interpretations for me, who don’t speak english as my native language.

So I came with the idea to bring some discussion here, just for the sake of knowledge.

So what do you think? Bathin can help anyone to travel to another country? This feature is within his powers? Some sources say yes, anothers says no.

My personal impression: Bathin in fact can help you by arrange things in order to accomplish the task, like bringing to your eyes an job opportunity in this country, for example, or giving you hints for what you have to do in order to travel and live well. But I don’t know if he have he power to to arrange things all by himself, like Belial can if he wishes.

So let’s talk. :slight_smile:

Honestly that’s why I was drawn to him too. I believe so. The way I look at it, is that I see Earth as just another part of the astral realm. So why can’t he help us;? Haha. Anyway, I want to evoke him and ask. When Ido, I’ll post my answer here!

Spoiler alert: yes, he can. hahahahahaha

I worked for some time with him after that, which lead me to a series of other evocations. I do Goetia for a long time, I work a lot with Belial, which for some is the most powerful spirit in Goetia and the last one you should evoke, but I never called Bathin before this, and he leads me to other spirits (most of them non-Goetian) and it was a huge quest, but I learned a lot from it. Also, he improved my astral traveling a lot, really, among other things.

You should call him, indeed. You’ll learn a lot from it.

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He helps in changing countries too? Like not just astral travelling but like irl travelling too?


Yep. Helped me a lot.

I was close to give up on traveling and he changed the universe in my favor in a way that I can’t explain. Everything worked pretty fine.

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Wow. That’s great, I hope she’ll help me too…

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Did he help you immigrate?

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Yes, he’s helped me travel to many countries physically.

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Yes, he helped. Worked pretty damn fine. Worked as fast as Ogum. It went all good.

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