Can anyone tell my more about Incubi?

Ok so I’m going to try and keep this as short as possible. Basically I need help on a few things concerning Incubi. Recently I’ve found interest in them and the more I hear about them and their relationships with people, the more I’m thinking I may wish to actually have a relationship of my own with one. That being said, I’m also conflicted on many counts. For starters, I don’t even really know what they look like, the only personal experience I read in which the person saw them it was simply their hand, which was human. Also I’m torn between wanting a relationship with one or not, mainly because I’m a virgin I guess, and because I have so many questions, which I’m hoping someone will be able to help answer. Also, how would a relationship with an incubus work exactly in terms of actually seeing and hearing and feeling them? I’ve heard that you can sense their presence and actually see and communicate with them in dreams and in states between waking and sleeping, but that’s about it. All of this being said, I’m also a gay male, which I know doesn’t really matter but at the same time like I said, it seems like I’m going off little to nothing here almost. So if anyone has any personal experiences or any advice, please don’t hesitate to share. Thanks❤️

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They look pretty human with minor “demonic” features some with tails, some horns, some both, some neither. However, they also have the ability to change their features and look a certain way. As well as the ability to change their gender from incubus to succubus, and vice versa.


They will open your senses, you won’t hear them speak audibly but they will communicate telepathically, it will progress in stages and you will feel them more intensely as time goes on, focus on their touches when they come


@succupedia can help.
What I can tell you is linguistics based.
Succubus comes from the Latin word succubare which means to lie under.
Incubus comes from incubare which means to lie on.
So, succubus is on bottom, incubus is on top. Regardless of gender.
Also, if versatile it would be a concubus, stemming from concubo, which is just to lie with.
Language. Boom.