Can anyone tell me the daemon I encountered

With my intro out of the way I am a newbie. I have read Miracle of New Avatar Power, and that is about it aside from my research here. Like many green horns I am trying to find my path. I tried to find a ritual to that, but I see here a lot of this is finding what works for you. It seems there’s room to be innovative. So here is the ritual I did it may have been done but I will put it here for others who may benefit.

Prior to attempting anything I have started training I feel close to astral projection I just can’t get to the point of riding out of my body. I wanted to put some work on so when asking for guidance there is initiative shown like a job interview.

Super easy
Bathroom lights off
One white candle
On a peice of paper mantras as to what I want and seek.

So I set the candle on my bathtub and closed the curtains behind it. I did your standard candle meditation staring at the flame. My vision blurred and as you have experienced beams of light coming from the candle like your eyes are crossed. There was a beam of light that aimed at my chest or heart. I focused on this and even put my hands around it. I took my piece of paper and held it to the light charging it (or that was what I was going for). I opened it up and repeated each mantra three times then closed my eyes still feeling the light and visualizing it.

I then stated eyes closed still something like “This is what I seek (referring to my mantras) I am looking for guidance. I am in a relaxed state and I am willing to listen to anyone who wants to speak. My body is filled with the light energy but I am open to guidance, I am willing to work, and learn. I am not under any affiliation and I seek guidance. My mind is open, my mind is open, my mind is open.

After that while visualizing the light a very very vivid visual in my mind overrode my visualization. Behind my curtain in my shower I had a closed eye visual of what looked like the face of the villain in Jeepers Creepers but he had to long straight twisted horns. He had a big old grin and It came and went fast, I then burnt the mantras and stayed I am releasing my desires to the other side I am grateful to all who listened.

After the ritual I felt more awake and just clear. There was no dialogue I feel this entity just wanted me to know that he is present. Being a noob before moving forward I need to know who this is. That smile I could not tell was pleased with my goals or sinister. I knew not to be afraid and rude. Any insight of who this may be would be great and how to move forward. I really couldn’t believe I got results, I didn’t feel any evil behind it I almost feel he may have given me a sample. I don’t feel depressed, stronger, over all less negativity in my head. Maybe the left path? Who knows you guys are the experts, thanks.

idk my be if u feel t still u nan call out to it n ask its name

I should have thought of that considering I asked to meet. I guess for me being new and what seems to be recommended is trying to have an idea of what you’re dealing with. I don’t have much knowledge about this yet and from what I hear of the left path is approach carefully. I know demons are made out to be evil when they where once gods but they disagreed. However I know there are evil entity’s just like there are people. So that made me wonder if anyone knew I have never had any experience with a demon before.

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not all of them all yeah its true they like to fuck wit ppl n can hurt u if they want to but if your speaking to them n dont feel any bad vibe chances are they want to talk n help you just put out something nice for him when you ask thy like hat kinda thing

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Cool, thanks for the help now I will admit going into this yes I was a skeptic but I wasn’t closed off to the idea. I entered it with an open mind but for one being my first ritual I was not expecting anything. It was pretty surprising to see a demon it literally popped into my visual I was focused on the candle light with my eyes closed and boom there it is those two long straight twisted horns. Smiling and I feel my luck is turning around and more positive. The demon did not speak to me or was a quick interaction but I do feel it gave me something and did not ask for anything in return. That smile I think the fact I never seen or interacted just the sight of a demon can be scary.
But I don’t feel any negative effect, the demon popped out of my visual fast. Not sure if I feel the presence still maybe it was just a passing thing.

I guess my concern is not so much me but my wife and kids I don’t want to bring anything that could be of risk to them. Especially since they did not decide to practice and don’t even know I do. Have you worked with demons? How do you go about interacting should I offer a gift I know every demon is different. I put myself out there and someone answered. I worked at my meditation and felt I have shown initiative. I don’t have religious affiliation I do agree more with satanism in the freedom of each their own. However I was raised catholic despite never believing in Catholicism it is still all I know about demons is that perspective. Maybe I could empathize how humans are flawed and I agree it was not fair they where casted out. So it makes sense why demons would help magicians. We both have things to offer each other. Is there any particular demons you would advise avoiding?

Sorry for all the questions lol thank you.

That “taking over your visual” you described is pretty common when things are showing themselves to you, Im glad you got results with your ritual :+1:

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Me too, I did not expect it at all I am quite surprised. For one I had an open mind to the occult but I was not 100% sold either. Whenever I do something though I follow it to a T but seeing as my ritual was not anything official and sort of made up by me made me also think it couldn’t work. I just tried to reach out I can astral project a small amount. Today I got further I usually can get to the point where I see myself third person. Today I was able to stand next to my physical self. I just layed in my bed and stepped out and heard a vivid fucking voice saying “come on talk to me”. Sounded like a mans voice but like a used car salesman friendly voice. It took a human form it was a white guy suit combed hair.

So once that visual passed I was back to black the inside of my eyelids. I asked it’s name and in the black a light word formed it was hard to see. What makes it harder is I have to try and trace it from memory. Mine sucks lol, it was a medium length word can’t remember if it was began with a C or N I know somewhere either following or in the middle there was a Y. It is crazy I did not think I would or even could reach anything. But I think this demon took a human form because he (assuming he is a he because the form he took and his original form looked masculine) I think he did this because he sensed I got a little startled when he showed himself in his true form. Which I have heard demons do for that reason to not startle humans. I know voice manipulation can be hard for them but he nailed it he sounded like a friend would being like hey man talk to me it’s all good.

But then my dumb ass dogs started barking when the word formed and broke my concentration. It could have been him they barked at or their arch nemesis the mail man. I tried looking up demon names close to what I remember of the word I feel like once I see it I will know as well as pictures matching his true form. No luck yet but I think I will reach out again, I don’t feel any bad vibes I actually feel a very kind loving energy. For some reason he has taken a liking to me and I feel wants to help and has started. As I said my deppression has been down since my interaction I feel more confident. My mental illness has made my marriage tough but I feel more empathetic and out of the net of depression I feel I am a better partner to me wife since then.

As I said if you come across or know who he may be let me know. I know the descriptions are vague and that may be part of my journey is building the rapport with this entity. This time O did not do any ritual I simply projected when I do that I think I am stepping into the unseen world and can make contact. What a fucking experience lol I am a complete complete noob and told myself even though I wasn’t sold I will train in the occult for six months to a year and if no contact can be made it is bull shit. Day one I am making contact and with an entity who seems kind and loving genuinely wanting to help. I would like to know him so I could give some offering. Maybe we can toke drink some wine if he is a whiskey or beer guy then he is totally my guide lol. He is clearly in my home but my family knows nothing of his presence so I feel he is watching the home but keeping his presence between us which is what I want.

i can say i was really scared my first time but i do work with them im very comfortable now i never had a take over done before with furfur i have dreams of him he likes shiny things y idk so once he did what i needed i made him this really pretty gift it was a tall shiny red glass filled with shiny red and clear gems and a red ribbin tied into a bow he loves the color red my thing is wen giving them things give it from the heart