Can anyone possibly help me interpret my dream?

So I fell asleep really out of no where, I wasn’t tired or anything I was just laying in bed. I feel asleep and had a dream where I woke up and teleported to a room, I heard many whispers from a women and I got a little creeped so I backed out and back into my bed again, I realized I was stuck in a dream so I control my breathing to try and break out but I couldn’t and I just ended up falling asleep in my dream. I woke back up again to a teddy bear in a cloak sitting right next to me sitting on my lamp. I got up out of bed quick and realized I was being chased by possessed people, I don’t know how far I ran but I ended up in some room. I was cornered and I didn’t know what to do and I had a feeling that the reason why I couldn’t break out was because of a lack of faith I had, in what I have no idea, but that’s what I picked up. I proceeded to form purple swords and wings and I started killing everything around me and after I flew straight to the sky at high speeds and stopped when I saw the full moon. I then let go and I started falling, I let myself fall until I hit the ground and I woke up. There are a few details I don’t think relate to the main dream but detail 1 was I got the teddy bear from a delivery box from an unknown person in the dream, along with a book set of the seven deadly sins. I also received a pair of keys that opened drawers on two ominous shelves in my room which I got different toys out of. Detail 2 that I didn’t mention was after the main dream, I had a vulgar wet dream with a women that I broke myself out of. Can anyone help me?

Dreams are said to be highly personal & symbolic. With that said…, if you could do some type of divination, in this case a tarot spread could potentially uncover underlying energies that are at the root cause of your experience you just described here above.

Other than that…, I can refer you to the basics. Cleansing, protection, shielding, warding.

Also you could check my comment I made early today in another thread, It might contain interesting information for you. If the root causation of you dream is spiritual based.

Good luck :+1:

It sounds to me like you are working with entities or thinking about working with entities you’re not sure about. if you fear these things you feed into their negative effects on you rather than their benefits. Think about it. If someone was always jumpy around you, wouldn’t you want to mess with them a bit?