Can anyone interpret this dream?

Last night I had a dream that I was with my brother and we were leaving a park. As we were putting away our bikes in our truck, we found gold coins in the back of the truck. We held the coins in our hands and looked at them.The coins had different images on them, one of a demon , a pentagram, and the other piece of gold was shaped like a card and said Tarot on it. There was other gold pieces of jewelry there as well as the coins but those coins stuck out to me. What could this mean ?

I don’t think it means much , probably should a product of the subconscious, you should practice and read up on dreams

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Hmm okay I’ll read up up some dream meanings

what’s your relation to tarot?
i think there could be a message there
can you remember how many coind you’ve got?
how many in your hand and how many stuck
was the pentagram straght pointing up or downwards pointing down

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@Teodoro_Fortunato it was about for coins in my hand that I was holding. As far as the quantity of the gold coins it appears to be somewhere from 20 to 50 pieces The pentagram was pointing upwards. The pentagram had five points . My brother and I use tarot cards to talk to spirit and thats it.

So in my tradition dreaming Coins of gold means good deeds, help that will be done to you
Maybe you and your brother will get help from the spirits you contacted
Than what oder jewelry of gold you had?
An when you looked at the coins what was the feeling ?

@Jorjet My brother and I did a ritual last night and contacted Spirits. That’s amazing what you said here as I mentioned nothing of contacting spirits in the post. In the dream there was also gold earrings , a gold ring and a gold necklace as well. No other Jewelry just what I listed and the coins . Thank you for your response!

@Jorjet the feeling I had while holding the coin was excitement but I was also wondering who did the coins belong to nas how did it end up in my car

Dreams can be interpreted differently according to country
So I hope I can help a little with my Balkan tradition
In general coins are good omen as they represent help
The only bad omen is when in dream you look , feel to obsessed with the coins , that means you
hold to much on a relationship
Necklace:you will tie up a relationship , you will have to colaborare with someone
As necklaces are made by tied verigs
The ring has to do with love

May I ask if you requested spirits to help you with a love matter?
To be honest I think it was a positive response from spirits

@Jorjet Thank you so much! As far as the help goes, my brother and I did a ritual last night and chanted for help a hour and a half straight. As far as collaboration my brother and I haven’t done this before and we both do our own practices. For love I dont know about it but I am dating someone.

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I though it maybe tarot related because of the coin pointing to it
both the demon and the four coins. might point to a materialistic approach to life
4 of coins (pentacles) relates to selfishnes to retain money, and not giving it, and the other I relate to the devil, materialistic ways in general.
if it makes sense to you…
maybe nothing of the sort but you loose nothing questionating it to yourself

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@Jorjet we requested spirits to help us with a very huge financial matter so that we may be able to make the hobbies we love a career. Also we said that if it will be done we will give tribute and that whatever they ask of us we will do it.

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@Teodoro_Fortunato Hmm that’s an interesting take on it. My brother did a reading today and got four of pentacles and got the tower card as end result. Thanks for your response

Well I think it’s a good omen but as @Teodoro_Fortunato said … Number 4 should be considered
I didn’t see you saw earrings too
In general conclusion for me is:
Coins : help
Necklace: collaboration
Ring: love
Earnings: social status

Rings also represents commitment promises you should keep etc

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@Jorjet thank you for your help and I am ready to give back whatever the spirits want me to give back

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@Teodoro_Fortunato I will definitely keep the commitments and promises. I am a loyal person.

@Jorjet @Teodoro_Fortunato
I will know the result of what I asked for by tomorrow. I will update this post when it’s happens


Best of wishes :yellow_heart:

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