Can anyone here translate the sigil of Azrael?

It seems to be old greek. Azrael is written in the upper side but what are the other names?


Below seems to be written Adonai

Can anyone descipher the sides??? :man_shrugging:

Left seems to be xhai probably Shaddai El Chai

The name on the right side is still to be revealed :man_shrugging:

Anyone??? :flushed:

They are incorrect jewish names with greek characters. Only Azrael is written correctly.
The others should have been ΧΑΪ and ΑΔΩΝΑΪ to be written correctly. The one on the right is Mooti (mo-oti) but judging from the other 2 it is propably incorrect as well.

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Awesome work!! This is gold! Thanks


It seems in Internet is no clear info about Mooti. Maybe there is more info in one of Crowley’s works :man_shrugging:

I think the creator was trying to write a phonetic version of the Hebrew word “muth” using Greek letters. Muth translates to “to die” which would make sense when calling the angel of death. I am assuming the root of the word is based on Mot, the Cannanite god of death, although i do not have any proof to back that up.

It is also possible they were trying to go for mûwth, which means “to be dead” although it is hard to tell due to the mistakes in greek that has already been made aware.


You guys are awesome!!!

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Propably the case. The greek letter omega Ω,ω resembles w a lot and many non greek speakers confuse them.


Hmmm the writing seems to be counter clockwise so is actually an invocation and saying something like Azrael God and Lord of the dead. Correct would be thou like evocation right? Like the names the other way around, clockwise. To empower the necromancer?

Did anyone here use this sigil in his original Version??

Did anyone try it in evocation modus?