Can anyone help with divination, please?

I’d like to ask for a bit of help. For many years I have had bad luck, specifically on my birthday.

It’s bad luck of the sort where nothing lines up right even if everything has been okay before hand. I also feel like I’m under attack in the days prior and I would like to know why. I feel an invasive force and my thoughts darken. It’s hard to pinpoint or describe and I’m usually very apt with this divination and sorcery.

For the sake of clarity I should add that I had a traumatic experience on many years ago on my birthday.

This is really perplexing and it’s really screwing with me. It’s been ongoing for nearly 20 years.

Would someone mind helping me with divining the reasons why I’m so badly effected at the same time every year, please ?

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Try to start doing exercices for your Aura

Chakra exercises

Take a piece of paper and from this forum and even internet I am sure you can find some exercise to help raise your vibration

And on your birthday try do a protection ritual :slight_smile:
Have you any deity , Arhangels , demons you work ?
I really feel you should do a ritual on your birthday so you can break from past trauma
Best of wishes

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Any Astrologist can help you with that, maybe a Saturn Mars midpoint is there situated or a Lilith ⚸ Pluto midpoint or involving Neptun or Uranus. It’s just a pattern but it’s only active a couple of years maybe maximum 7 it depends. Once you recognise the problem work than with planetary magic to loosen up that conflict :wink:

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I had a vision of a candle burning on a cake and I heard „16“.

I am getting that it’s time for you to move on about something. It seems like you keep seeing something or having it clearly on your mind. Magick could help maybe. You need to get your vitality back in order to heal. Rebuild something. You need love and caring people around you to regain strength. Light and love to banish the dark thoughts.

I am getting Someone walked away in the past.

Seems like what happened to you on a birthday was something you couldn’t or didn’t want to realize/believe at first. It caused lots of grief. I am not sure if you took the time you needed to grief about it.
Seems like you had to face up with something you didn’t want to or weren’t ready for. It’s possible that you isolated yourself afterwards, maybe even started to get interested in magick by that time.

In order to free yourself you probably have to face the truth about what has happened and caused this trauma. You haven’t been ready for it in the past but you could be ready now. You should try new ways to express your emotions and what’s going on inside of you - to let it out. You might find solace in religion, tradition, spiritual - or in good relationships. But you need a safe place. Find peace for yourself, try to see the good things in love even if the times are hard - try to see the good things on this specific days even though it seems like nothing works out. When you feel weak, try to be strong. Try to have an influence and manifest what you want to happen. If you fear that something bad will happen it’s more likely it happens probably in your situation. Don’t expect anything but tell yourself it will be a great day, no matter what!

I hope this resonates and helps you somehow.
I wish you all the best :four_leaf_clover:


@Jorjet A lot of that makes sense and there is some useful information in the links you provided. Thankyou.

@Rav I intend on finding an astrologer. Thanks.

@Lunia Thanks for the tarot reading. A lot of that makes sense, immediately, so yeah - spot on. Thanks so much.

I’ll expand on my feelings later on.

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