Can anyone help me with runes

This is my onyx rune set, I haven’t got any experience or knowledge of runes, I would be greatful if someone could give me some help in message with the runes.

I don’t know why but I don’t have the Inguz, rune.

And I can’t find the name for one perticular Rune
This one.


Meditate and connect with them. My runic Experiences thread, contains a method for doing such. Also, research. Odin in particular would be a great guide for this initiation


I’m close with Odin when I asked him what to do with the runes, he told me there is no right or wrong way.

So just trying to figure that out do you know what that one rune is ?

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Could be a deformed ansuz. I’ll take a look later on.


Agreed, so long as you can gain an understanding of their nature and can connect with them. Wise man.

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Okay thanks.

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Yes you do.

Looks like Ansuz to me to.


It’s a bit hard to tell what it is but here’s a picture to help you out.


Looking over his runes i’d say he has them all, From left to right.
Thurisaz, Algiz, Sowilo, Fehu, Pertho, Ingwaz
Ehwaz, Algiz, Tiwaz, Hagalaz, Othala, Eihwaz
Dagaz, Nauthiz, Berkano, Uruz, Jera, Mannaz
Ansuz, Wundjo, Raidho, Laguz, Kenaz, Gebo

Hope i spell all that right, but looks like your good to go. :+1:


Thanks dude.

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No problem, oh and you may have guessed already that when you start with the runes expect to have Loki showing up constantly to play with you. :wink:

Yes you do. The Inguz is the top-right rune in the pic you are showing. Some Inscribe Inguz as you have it on your set, others will “collapse” it and it looks like the kriss-crossed variation. The one you can’t ID appears to be Ansuz, bottom right in the main pic and rotated 45 degrees right in the second. You appear to have a full set, so I would not worry at all. Enjoy!

Thanks haha I have a weird perception of things :joy::metal:

Guys eat is a good short rune book,? I chk amazon more a big books and too much words looking for a real magic book. I read yhe finbarr its good. Basic but i mean more deeply.