Can anyone explain these badges I see?

Hi guys,

I am very new to all this and I’ve seen a badge or 2 lately but I have no idea what they are. I’ve searched the forums and seen one or 2 posts with a mention of a badge but none that explained what they were nor could I find anyone asking about them so wanted to create this post

Is anyone able to fill me in?

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They are simply “achievements” that are unlocked in the Discourse software this forum uses. They don’t really do anything but mark when you have hit a milestone such as “first edit” or “great reply.”


Hi DarkestKnight thank you for your reply. My question was to badges that I see in real life.

Perhaps no one has experienced them and that’s why no one has asked about them.

Maybe they are a figment of my imagination. I’ll continue to keep an open mind and keep this thread updated or perhaps others may come forward who have also experienced this

Perhaps you need to clarify what you mean by badges. My first though was sigils. Are you able to explain with a bit more detail and possibly post a picture if it’s something visual.


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This thread is gonna be great.
Hey OP, why are you called “shadownin”?
You a spy?

Hi Aprentiz and Sentinel,

Well they look exactly like traditional button badges. I can’t remember what the pictures were exactly but I vaguely remember a weapon and the other one was perhaps similar to a class like a warrior or a knight.

I’ve only read up on sigils today but they definitely weren’t anything similar to a sigil or any pattern. More like an icon

Shadownin is my gamer tag I’ve used since I was a kid :slight_smile: no spying or malicious activity from me!

That would make sense. I would draw the icons you see and meditate on them for a while. They obviously mean something to you, so I would say your first quest is to find out what exactly.

You sound defensive so now I’m a bit suspicious.
I asked if you were a ninja, not if you were up to no good.

Yeah, deny it ahead of time, that never looks suspicious! :rofl:

Ok thanks Aprentiz! I will give that a try :slight_smile:

Sentinel, when u said spy I pictured an undercover agent! Lol didn’t know u meant ninja :joy:

Lady_Eva spies are usually negative in nature no? Lol but then again there’s is no good or bad in this world so I should get rid of that notion lol

Someone edited my post without my knowledge. It said “ninja.”

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No idea about the badges, however I had a theory for a while that this world is actually a game created by a very bored deity who threw away it’s powers and the whole point of playing is to regain them by ascent.

Might be possible that you are able to see the game’s interface like gamers achievements, class and so on which confirms my theory :smiling_imp:, OR you are simply influenced by the gaming experience, and since the world and spirits do have a tendency to mirror us, maybe this is the way they are mirroring you.

What are they appearing on?

They appear on myself! I think I have a theory now guys. It came to me in my dreams. Basically we are all one and another. At one point and we then become the avengers. Everything on TV is real and we need to train our bodies to be able to adapt to different frequencies to be able to noticed the different realms of existence. And if any one realm is close to becoking a reality then Ur body should automatically adjust for it.

Anyone on the same page here? Lol

Hello, FBI agent! How are you? :joy:

Welcome to the forum! :grin:


In theory yes as your views of examples of understanding… but not avengers tv in general but more on how the true elite , not government or masons, but the decendents and to what the subliminal message is and who it’s about , specially in music