Can anyone do a spell for me?

Hello. I am back on the forum almost after a year and i am a super beginner in this Magick. I need someone to help me out with my problem i am going through. PM me to know what is it about and for all thr details.

P.S- I am a student and not earning anything right now so I request people to do it free of cost for me. Consider me as your brother and help your bro out. Please!! Thanks in advance❤️

Why can’t you try to do it yourself? Just because you’re a beginner, doesn’t mean you’re helpless.


Afraid of the negative results.

Unless you are picking fights with gods and cursing and using the dead without any idea the worst would be you be unable to have a result.


What do you need help with and why not learn for yourself while you’re here?

It takes me time to do a ritual for myself… there are times I might spent well over an hour getting into the right state and then learning the ritual on top etc and then you need belief too and detatchment rather than lust for results

I feel people should be paid for their time if they are going to put in all that work on someone else’s behalf

There might be someone who wants the practice though I guess


I agree.

Agreed atleast minimum rate should be given or a trade as it’s a common courtesy