Can anybody here help for Survival?

Hello to all masters of black magic & great respect for Vampires.

I am under evil spell from Succubus
its death Voodoo, after death wish from me through hypnodize…

I want to break it & extract the Vampiric Entity out from my body, drinking my blood & eating soul, skin.

Can anybody here, help me to break this, i want to survive especially for my family.


I’m having a extremely hard time believing any of this is actually happening to you. My diagnosis, your simply suffering from paranoia. Paranoia, especially extreme cases can make someone, believe and even feel whatever they think is happening to them.

Iv seen people create threads asking for someone to lift this curse off them, or to heal them of some ailment they have contracted.

The majority jump to conclusions and blame magick and entities on their problems.

I’d sit back and check yourself out. See if it’s simply just paranoia or some sickness you have got. Possibly try going to the doctor if it’s a sickness.

Now if all checks out all right and there’s no Earthly, material explanation to your symptoms, then I truely hope someone here can help you.


Thank you Fenris
The symptoms are much clear its not like that what you wrote

Let me make it more simple
the Vamp created a energetic cord for feeding on life force

So there is extreme illness physically, mentally, spritually, all chakras are damaged, i know there is a treatment But unfortunately i am tired in finding energy workers, so i created thread…

Archangel Michael can help with cutting cords…

You don’t need energy workers, you can be your own energy worker. You can do your own cleansing. If you suspect there is “extreme illness physically, mentally…” please see a medical professional. The spiritual illness and damaged chakras can be addressed via a good spiritual cleansing.

I’m not a medical professional, but I hope this helped.

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Thanks for replies

Let me change the perspective of this thread,

Here we go,

If a person is bited by Vampire sent by succubus for life force feeding till death…

Whats the proper way to extract this spirit from your body and save your blood and life.

No holy thing is working, Vamp is so powerful and older in age, can walk in sunlight and a history of perfect murders. I am his new victim and i am young so he is very happy to get the hot young blood.

Oh Man, what a nightmare is this, this is 100% demonic and brutal. And the best part is that, there is no solid reason behind this, the Vamp just find me easy prey becos he was in human form & i donot know what will happen next. Yes i was an easy prey becos i was lacking knowledge on this creature.

Interesting part, how i met this Vampire, actually they are between us even in public places and as i am a Dhampir, so i find them very rude with me, they attack 7 to 8 times before, i break the spell myself through my special powers gifted by my father but this time they bring succubus to create the death punishment… complete dead end

I think i need to contact werewolf… lols

replies are appreciated !

so who was the vampire, your mother or father? Being one, you should posess all the skills of a vampire. I think rather than demonic help, you need a wooden stake. “not kidding”

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I asked Abaddon one time what he would if he was cursed and told me that even before the decision they will be already be destroyed.

Abaddon teaches how to have a strong Sadhana which is like a connection to your spiritual self there many many benefits in having stong sadhana first nothing can touch you,you can speak with spirits but not as intensenly because you are mot connected to you,but you can be picky ,for instance i choose to have very strong connections with my godeslf of course but aslo with the gatekeepers,i found that spirits and outside energies cant pass the energetic field of a sadhana.

Making a strong Sadhana is simply meditating without ego to yourself you can chant personal mantras,Like Ea said Abaddon chants a mantra for himself daily and i do it too for me a personal mantra like enn for my godforn.

and theres a field of myself around me that nothing without the permission of mine can pass.

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Its my father
what would he do by wooden stake, the Vamp has done the work (the enemy)
I was living a normal life then but after facing some super natural incidents repeatedly, i find myself. Anyways !

You are right but in my case as i said, my situation is dependent on heavy hypnotize
the Vamp took permission from my own tongue, to feed prana forever, in the state of hypnotism, unconsciousness.
so boundaries of protection were destroyed, everything was super naturally planned.

what i suggest you is to simply find the power within you or around you if you dont find it then simply be and simply get no explainations just get the power rise above it and over come it with full force.

“Overcoming yourself is overcoming all things” Ant’Harratu.

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You can speak now and you are aware of yourself thats enough for compreheading that kind of power like i said rise above it forcefully once you are out of that vampyrie you can be free when you work against it.

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Friend, thats exactly same what i am doing, that is the only option for me
Last 2 years, i was unable to move, since few months i am talking and doing some activities, i think it will take more years…
I agree on your suggestions, thanks

if you do daily and everyday make it more forcefull day by day you will get futher in shorter time

Eating your skin and drinking your blood? If this is something actually happening I don’t think it works like that.

various peoples, various replies,
Battle is still not over !

By the way, white light bubble cure is very effective in these type cases…

I dont know if posting youtube links is allowed here

admin plz remove if not allowed

I find, below video is very informative in cases of Vampirism…

yes it sounds awful / unreal but when that deadly spirit inside your body, it will eat mass, shortage of blood, eating of emotions, its like insect and the victim feels it moving inside body from place to place, worst kind of voodoo (slow poisonous death)

I am eagerly waiting for replies from some real Vampires in this thread …

So your flesh and such are showing signs of this? Im asking more out of curiosity.

offcourse yes
External damage heal through time… greater damage is inside, the Vamps exactly knows how to damage chakras.
to drain and make you energetically empty…

if you are still curious you can watch youtube video which i posted above to know exactly what is happening…
In my case the vamp is hybrid which means blood and energy feeding…

Anyways, i think we have discussed it too much…
time for me to meditate…

Do you have fresh scars from it?