Can angels/demons have lovers in a past life?

If you want to scan me, that’s fine. I do have to do a scan return for someone else - but I can return for you after them (later today). Best take that over to the appropriate thread though. Don’t wanna derail this one.

Nice I’ll check it out, I’ve got a few journals (one being art as well) of my own! Art is awesome!

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Which I said you don’t need to answer, just think about.

Will you writing more about your relationship make people think that he is being possessive? Or will it show that he is in fact not possessive?
If you are worried about people thinking that he’s possessive, wouldn’t that be a reason to write it down, so people see that he’s not? :slightly_smiling_face:


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Sorry I wasn’t upset or anything. I did feel barraged and that I need to grow thicker skin. It’s a public forum after all😅 honestly I’ve done a little bit of reflection since then as well as tons of cleansing since that post

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Sent you a PM - I’ve had a very similar experience which I’m hesitant to discuss publicly too much but would love to connect as there are so many parallels between your story and what I’ve been experiencing with another entity - thank you for sharing!

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