Can an entity imprint on you?

Like Devilman? Er wait… that was symbiosis. I didnt get to finish that netflix. Dunno why they couldn’t though.

So yea ,but all I wanted to know was if i had mabye two possible incubi or and if he hsve been claiming me ever since I was 3 but had STOPed for awhile until I had turned 13?

This is what I was saying about how savage human black magicians are. They are the hardest of all to get rid of and the stronger they are the more tapped and the more of a mess you have to get throw to get free. So be super careful with who you trust in the occult too.

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That explains alot and can u trust you??:thinking:…lol jking ik I can trust you. And hey! Not all black magicians are bad okay . I’m Black !:smirk: mixed but still black and u see im not bad .But anwyas thx for the info tho.

She meant black as in the nature/energy not the race lol

That was my second a assumption and hey girly!:grin: I haven’t had a text from u in two days almost . What’s cooking chica!

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Hey! Sorry I’ve been a bit busy but I’m gonna shoot you a PM rn! :smiley:

Okay !:grin:

Yes Magick wise love black/dark Magick dang terms black and white Magick. Black Magick is a term that has been around forever and I honestly used to be terrified of it.

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Can’t blame u .the name itself sends a bad mojo all by itself.

It was until I learned about it. It’s not so scary if you know how to use it properly.

Oh yea definitely !:sweat_smile:

Yeah they can claim you but it’s your choice in the end. So if you say no, they have to respect it or you take action and banish them (easier said than done).

The signs it really depends. If positive I’ve heard that you will notice many blessings in your life. In my case, one of the Goddesses destroyed someone’s manifestation (it was affecting me) and the Goddesses I work with help me in my times of need. If bad you will feel sick, constantly be trained and nausea especially is bad. In worst case scenario, you may even be harmed in the physical. In this case banish.

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Nope he hasn’t hurt me physically nor hve I felt sick other so eh ?.

Do you feel empowered aroubd him?

No If anything I felt my heart melt

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Then this is a very good sign

Okay thanks

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I just recently went into the supernatural plane and i was laying down on something. And there was light .my legs were opened and were feeling slowly penetrated or pushing out something idk and there was a strong wild wind brushing against my face. Cold wind . And then i said to him after moaning in pain ."I love you " . Then I woke up . The pain was neutral…it felt like mabye small like poke . During the time i felt like he wast me fucking with a huge dick and my praviet was to small or and i was pushing somthing out …like a baby idk.snd in my mind I saw what seems like I was in a hospital room with transparent windows and also for some reason I felt lile I was traveling at the same time. Traveling fastly to ig different dimensions idk .what do u think?.

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And the last time I had felt wind similar to that but more prickly onto my face …was when I was being harassed in the supernatural plane by another incubus but my incubi had stopped him and banished him away . So it couldn’t have been the same guy.

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