Can an entity attachment be utilized?

I’ve had some sort of entity attached to me since childhood. I’m not very advanced spiritually, but I am sensitive, I have decent ESP. I see stuff in my dreams too, like precognition sometimes or I’m just made aware of certain things.
Anyway, my point is I can sense it in me, and it has become more apparent now that I’m trying to progress spiritually. This ride ain’t free so…should I just try to force it out because it’s only there to be a hindrance? Or is there any possible way to form a symbiotic working relationship with it? Opinions?

Identify the entity, and identify its purpose. If it is there to be a hindrance, then it would be virtually impossible to form a symbiotic relationship with it because the nature of that kind of a relationship requires both parties to gain something from it. Parasites attach simply to feed on your energy, and give nothing in return. There is nothing you can gain from maintaining a relationship with that kind of being.

My advice is, if you can’t identify it and its purpose as benign, get rid of it.


I thought long and hard about the thing today, meditated on it and I think it’s just a parasite, it doesn’t feel friendly or human, it feels toxic. There’s also a tear in my energy field that I need to repair so there are no future problems.
Thanks for the advice Knight

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Here @Jest-er, this is great ,members are reporting huge success with this servitor for protection. It may be cute, but it’s dangerous to parasites.

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My bad, alway forgetting to give credit where credit is due, @anon97554939 is the one that created this powerful servitor


You’re good, I don’t need credit, the goal was to help people, not spread my name :slight_smile:


Your still epic, and mind blowing!


I apologize for not giving a response sooner on this. Thank you for your help on the matter @Healing_Heart & @anon97554939

I tried using Luna and it seems to have an uplifting effect, but I’m worried that the problem goes deeper, and is internal rather than external with me. How would I know if it was a possession rather than just an attachment? Or what if it’s a thoughtform that I’ve been stupidly feeding my whole life? There’s 2 sides to me, an angry hate filled or depressed one that comes out when I get negative, and a positive clowny one that just wants to spread good vibes. Like I’m very split and bi-polarish and it’s hard to stay stable at times. I’ve had ominous dreams of being overcome by my own dark side and the end result is my death.

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Death is change, so bring the change you want to manifest, to be the better you.

Also ground, ground, and take a break. Thak a seasalt bath, and try rasing your vibration levels

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Tbh, I think you’ll just hurt it, but can’t drive it out.

This could lead to problems and open yourself up to intruders.

Advance spiritually and work on yourself. When the time comes, you’ll know what to do.

Who knows the difference. It doesn’t matter. Obviously, you’re not out of your mind, being psychically attacked; I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

A lot of people are like this. We all can get nasty/negative. It’s normal. You’d be weird it you never got angry.

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Honestly I’ve never experienced possession.

As far as thought form goes, you just stop feeding it.

If it’s attached to you @DarkestKnight recently shared some mantras for removing energetic attachments, and while Luna should have done that, not everything’s perfect and I can’t attest to if is in your mind, or what other factors could be at play…