Can An Angel Possess You?

Hello Everyone,

I have been working with Archangel Gabriel over a month, with her help I solved a mystery and help some people to get answers
yesterday was the peak of my meditation I wanted her to possess me and be one, I felt her white light into my body, I felt her wings and her vibration
She said We already merged together

I Started sensing people auras and zodiacs and they were true.
Weird things happened since then,
I love it, I do want to straighten my bond, I need advices
I Want more clairvoyance, even open my 3th eye.

I do not want this things to go, how should I improve it.


are you asking if you can be posessed by an Archangel? yes i believe it is possible to temporarily merge with an Archangel, though i dont consider it posession, if you wish to continue then just keep going how you are going, Archangel Gabriel is strong


Fixed your title and yes an archangel can possess you, any entity can actually even low level spirits.


Yes, an angel can posses you. Their are darker non canonical angelic beings… not all are “light” and to believe otherwise is via being given bad advice.

I suggest this Structuring and merging a being inside of you even though Gabriel talked about an already happened merging, about clairvoyance practice divination (for example Tarot and/or runes) and, for third eye, concentrate between your eyebrows or on the forehead.


I want to keep her.

Yes it’s possible!

But not like dark and spooky and like arghhh they going to possess your soul! Not Hollywood lol but then again we all know that lol.

Okay to the point:
A possession by a being of light or merging so to say isn’t going to maybe seem like a possession. Infact you might feel like you feel the same in a sense it depends. I see a lot of benefits though one of them would be your vibration would rise up. It’s a bit like walking in their spirit but stronger. I imagine you would be super charged up and they may bestow you with gifts and psychic abilities. You’re connection is likely to become stronger. Also people around are likely to feel the presence of the spirit within you.

Whatever else they wish to do for you also and you both agree upon. What do you wish to get out of it?

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I want to straighten my bond :innocent:

It’s funny I’ve experienced Archangel Gabriel as a male but have read that different people experience him differently. I don’t know if it’s possible but I don’t think they have much of an interest in possessing people like other entities do.