Can all the sefira be added to the kabbalistic cross?

So I’ve been pondering on certain ideas like this for a while now

Using all sefira instead of just a cross, or at least including all of the middle pillar sefirot…

Or simply vibrating the names of the sefira instead of using godnames, Anyone done this before, would this actually work and why wouldn’t it?

I forget the title, but Rufus Opus wrote a book on Sephirothic Magic.
A grimoire for the tree of life.
Adding them to the qabbalistic cross could be done in a two part ritual, one involving the lower, from malkuth to tiphareth, and kether to tiphareth, hopefully merging the two, drawing the nephesh up to meet the higher self, would be my idea on this.

Otherwise I would just add them to the middle pillar, but visualize the sephoroth color while vibrating the sephiroth name, and hopefully it should trigger a positive response.

Malkuth: darker shade of the four elemental colors.
Yesod: Violet
Hod: Orange
Netzach: Forest Green
Tiphareth: Canary Yellow
Geburah: Scarlet Red
Gedulah/Chesed: Royal Blue
Binah: Indigo-Black
Chokmah: Gold-Green
Kether: White-Gold

If I recall correctly. Will post a cabalistic chant that shows the colors and Sephira in a slideshow.

The quabbalistic cross ritual is not intended to invoke the Sephiroth.

The middle pillar refers to the middle pillar of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and its Sephiroth. So this exercise is not intended to include the Sephiroth of the left pillar or the right pillar.


It might be a better idea to get a poster from Builders of the Adytum of the Tree of Life (

That way, you can stare at a sephira and do your chanting and path working.

These might be helpful to you:

Well when you look at the mechanics of the ritual, you’re vibrating names that a collective consciousness is aware of which naturally has lots of particles flowing through it thus feeding the concept itself, much like chaos magick and invoking fictional characters, why wouldn’t vibrating the names of the sephira themselves work if attempted? Is what I’m asking…

In the kabbalistic cross the 2 fingers are use for the chi mudra for directing lifeforce, you direct that divine light to the sefira included in the ritual, if you’re not stimulating them in anyway then what’s the point in even doing the ritual in the first place?

You could do a decagram, a combination of pentagrams such as hexagrams are combined. A decagram is a ten pointed star.
Or a couple of QCs, one upper, one lower.
The answer to the OP though is no.

I already use a decagram for the middle of my altar/Crystal grid, I don’t know what the symbol actually means I feel like it has more than one meaning but since it’s to pentagram in one I felt it was somehow a bridge between higher and lower parts of the self

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The pure vibration of the divine names of the respective Sephiroth works of course, only then it is neither the quabbalistic cross ritual nor the middle pillar but the vibration of divine names.