Can a Vampire magician heal me?

i was just wondering how good a Vampirism can heal others ?

Well, Vampirism is basically reverse healing, so theoretically, yes.

I would say as Good as Any other Healing Method. IMO and Experience.

so is it ok to add Vampirism to the natural path ?
because the vampire magician is using hiss mind to heal the person
and hiss mind to feed on victims

Yeah if you want so, There is not ‘‘Right or Wrong’’ Way.
You do what works and feel right for you.

Yes vampyric magic can heal you and add you new characteristic to youre personality, depends on kind of energy you are feeding on…lets say you vampyrise person who love football, belive me after vampyrising you will more love football or have more skill in football, if you feed on mathematical peronality you will show more interest on that field…and if you vampyrise healthy person you will be healed…but remember vampyre need to feed regulary if he want to stay fit in good form.As you need physical food you also need energetic and psychical food.

Many of us often feel anxious, depression or bad mood…hmmm may be you are just hungry

You should become a Normal Human Vampire. Vampirize to become more regular.