Can a Tarot Reading open a portal and cause manifestation?

Hello everyone. I have a friend that is a begginer in tarot. Today I asked for a reading concerning a job promotion for me. Then i asked some more questions, about spirits mostly if spirit X would be able to help. Next thing I know there is an energy shift, and my friend senses it to. I ask if it is spirit x and tarot says yes. To make things short the spirit I was asking about came to visit and my friend asked for help on something also. How likeley is this to happen meaning can tarot establish contact with out a ritual for evocation? I

It wasn’t the cards that called the spirit, but your intention. It became aware of your desire to communicate and decided to investigate.

That being said, however, yes, tarot cards can be used by spirits as doorways. This is one of the reasons it is recommended to consecrate the deck before use, and to periodically cleanse the cards after reading.


All forms of divination (tarot, oracle, bone throwing, etc) are capable of communicating with spirits when specifically asking for a spirit to appear.


It’s the interaction with the reader or the person being read, any predictions made, and anything you read too far into something in the cards. You can always do something to change the outcome if you don’t like what you saw.

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Thanks for the answers. I really wasnt sure if that was possible. I asked the spirit if it was ok to banish after he left, the answer was a yes. I waited 5 minutes after granting licence to depart and banished. I must say that my head hurts since the encounter. That initial energy shift was awesome though. I felt like if I was tipsy after a couple of drinks, and a bit of a calming sensation as if the spirit was saying its ok dont be scared, maybe nurturing if you will. I got some good answers, and Astaroth pretty much confirmed he has been aware of my intentions of contacting him! All in all a great experience, although it was not how I envisioned my first contact, maybe thats Astroths way of saying just contact me already.

Ok. I was in the shower chanting Astaroths enn in my head. I got dressed, and checked my Facebook, and I find this:

On a Facebook page I follow. @Mike_Bee @Nightside @DarkestKnight think this might be a sign/invitation to get on with it and evoke?

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I think it is a good coincidence, and generally a coincidence may mean Yes. So probably yes.
Why not? Worst happens is its not accepted and you try again later.


Looks like it to me. I’d call that a “reaching out” to you. Yeah man I’d accept the call and evoke him man.