Can a soul be transfarred imeddiately to another body after death?

To another adult body and immeditely after death… there were cases like this?

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Yes, there are occult techniques for a forced possession of another body upon death. However, you will have to fight the current occupant for the space, and if you lose, your spirit moves on to whatever awaits it.


If the person dies and is conscious while dead they can choose to walk-in an already adult body but they won’t control it unless they manage to push the other soul out.


What about taking the body of a baby, will it be able to fight back ?

The point of snatching bodies is that you can continue your work immediately.You can’t do that if you enter a baby.


That’s why you target a lesser, like an alcoholic or someone with drug problems. And that’s another, albeit obscure reason why practitioners need to practice banishing until they can banish - then learn to enhance and quicken this all-important process.



So what if you don’t take over control your like a back seat passenger in that body? Wow that’s interesting.

Pretty much yes

Hmm…imagine that.

Then you could be a “back seat driver” to… Though that might cause a slight case of insanity for whoever was already in the body.

Can you get out? Or are you stuck in the body like any incarnated person is?

It’s not your body so yes you can leave, only case I can think of is if you enter the body with the soul and develop with it then in which case you might end up stuck.

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That would be boring.