Can a Sigil really do that?

Earlier today I did a reading for myself in regards to my Soulmate (whom ive known 35 years). I was told that past wants are possible for me but I needed to make up my mind and be sure (and that some strength/confidence would be needed on my part. So I decided to create a sigil for him and I. Its a blend of our zodiac signs. I did put a lot of emotion into it. I created it, charged it and burned sending the ashes east (he is on the East Coast and im on the West).

Funny thing is after an hour or so I forgot about it and my emotions have been on overload all day and night. I just remembered about the sigil and wondered if that was why. I mean I have strong feelings for him but wow. Now I just wonder/hope that he felt it too. Sadly I have no way of knowing right now.