Can a love spell be cast on someone with a boyfriend?

Hi guys, I’m new among you…

First of all, I have a friend that I have been talking to for 4 months.We are very good friends but I like him, I really love him so much, He has a boyfriend for 1 year.I know they love each other but they always fight and it hurts the boy and the girl, They break up and make peace. Once they left, the girl was very upset and passed out and was taken to the hospital.

Girl I can’t let this guy hurt and upset him any more, I want that girl to be mine but she’ll probably refuse when I propose a relationship and our friendship will end.

What are your suggestions.


I suggest a proper introduction, followed by a search for break up and reconciliation spells and rituals using the search function- located in the top right hand corner of the screen :slight_smile:

I’m done thanks

I’m pretty sure alot of love spell cases involve someone with a boyfriend. That’s why we have break up spells and other things!


A couple of Goetia spirits specialise in that particular power.

Hoodoo folk magic is ALL about the break bottle spells, break up candles, conditions oils, break up powders…lol

There’s always the servitor route if that speaks to you.

Bottom line, yes, magick has been used for god only knows how long, to ensnare a target who is in a relationship. One quick glance at the PGM will confirm that.


I’d suggest you’d first break them up and then make her make the first move towards you. Obviously by magic. However you’d do what you want and feel right. And yes. Love or any spell could be cast on anyone.