Can a human transform into a Demon?

I was searching the forum but cannot really find the answer to my question

Is it possible for a human to transform into a demon from the human form through a ritual done upon the human being to become a demon?

I would like to know if this is possible I could only find the answer when searching for this question that a demon can take on a human form so therefor i am posting my question


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You can learn to shapeshift your astral form into that of a demon, and some people claim you can supposedly transmute your soul into a demonic one through a type of alchemy (such a process would take much more than a single ritual to accomplish, though, and it would not change your outward physical form at all).

Real magick is not Hollywood magick, and you are not going to be able to suddenly transform yourself into a mythological or fantasy being. It just doesn’t work like that, regardless of the ridiculous claims some people make.


Okay thank you for the information

Usually, in different lore, there are humans that have moved on to fulfill a position similar to this when they pass, after they have achieved significance in some area of magic and wish to mentor others in a similar way. The Lwa from Voodoo have this and you’ll find mention that Demon X or Y may have once been an old magician king. Could be stories or to make some of them more relatable to the human experience.

Some believe that the demonic are constrained by the angelic entities, which may be true or just more JCI holdover. So, this may be a step down from what you’re used to as a human with relative freedom, if true.


I’ve shapeshifted into a “Demon” before, but it wasn’t like my limbs started to crack and I turned into a werewolf

It was more like my body was an information field of light, which manifested as my human form, from a very altered state of consciousness you can change the light around your body to change your physical form but the point is it’s not physical

You can shapeshift in the astral but in order to physically shapeshift your toroidal field has to be able to spin fast enough for that astral light structure to stimulate the atoms around you to take the form of the astral form

This is where things like Qigong come into play

I’ve talked about the connection between the Taoists and Druids on the forum in the Magick of Avalon journal

And I’ve also talked about the science of torus fields and how physical shapeshifting is possible, so maybe give those a try

I would take everyone’s 2 cents on this forum with a grain of salt, because everyone is sharing what they believe to be true from the level consciousness or speed of vibration

It’s not necessarily wrong but sometimes it is incomplete from my view point

If a magician like EA Koetting claims to manifest physical stuff out of nothing, when there are a bunch of people that would say that’s bs

It’s definitely not impossible to doing things like levitation or shapeshifting

But in order to do such things uou have focus more on energy work rather than ceremonial magick or ritual magick

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Given demons are less than even a human soul I would say no not without a lot of degradation. It is the reason so many must obey us when summoned properly. Though I guess it depends on how you define a demon.