Can a Demon take blood without breaking skin?


Today I was meditating with clauneck and using his enn. When I felt his presence and attention, I stated my request and then asked what was required in return. I then felt as if someone has taken a Lancet to my finger but it was not bleeding. I concluded that this was a hint as to my required offering, so, not having a Lancet myself, I grabbed a blade and tried to cut myself and offer some blood. However, I was unable to do so. This same blade then sliced up paper with no problems. I was pressing rather hard on my flesh to create the cut. To the point that the blade left a white line which then filled with capillary action afterwards. My question is this: if clauneck had wanted my blood as an offering, would he have been capable of taking it without breaking my skin?


They can take the energy from the blood, not the actual blood, however. The act of doing the offering, I’d suggest buying a lancet.


Interesting question. I can’t say “yes” or “no” but something similar happened a few months back.
I was meditating on a current problem I had and asked my patron if there is anything we could do to speed up the process. I felt a sharp and cutting pain in my finger, as if a blade had been brought to it and a voice said “It is done”.
Minutes later I received something very tangible that surely was a breakthrough. I think I gave out a blood offering without letting blood that day.


Will do, currently I am traveling abroad, and it makes it more difficult.

There are other things you can offer if blood can’t suffice until then and see if they’ll accept said offerings.

Do you mean things like Milk & Honey?
Spirits like it I was told years ago.
Just remembered it.
I gave this to Aphtiph, an elemental Fire Spirit.

That, or other bodily fluids that are easier to access if you do not have a safe and sterile way of getting blood.

The answer in my work experience is YES!

  • If you gave him a blood sample before the connection was established and he can absorb that fluid without offering it again literally since the offering itself is not the blood is the energy vitality that it has and if it was already given it is not a problem for him
  • Each deity has its own ways of channeling its demand, clauneck is very decent, so to speak, a minimal microscopic incision that he makes by himself extracts the sample he wants does not go in the amount goes in the sample taken and he is not the first Once you act that way, your case is not atypical, it is more present than you think.
  • Several cases show this by calling him to establish an alliance in his specialty, and it is not necessary to summon him again to give him that sample that already the same volume, he believes take rest in his thoughts.
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The reason I asked is the razor blade I attempted to use that would not cut my finger where I felt the Lancet is sharp enough it should have been able to do so. My initial intuition was that Clauneck had gotten what he required and was preventing me from doing the cutting. What do you think?

I remember I do have very often this cuting feelings in my fingers or palm, when telepatically talking to a spirit.