Can a demon draw a person to you? if so witch one? Demon that is!

Can a demon draw a person to you? if so witch one? Demon that is!!
Just wondering if a demon can find and bring a fellow practicing (in my case) female witch or sorceress to meet and work together with me? Purely platonic relationship?

Indeed he can, as angels or spirits can. But it depends of the situation. If you don’t care of the kind of person you wanta come to you, there are more posibilities. For example, I want a lover, so any women (in my case) atractive to me would appear soon into my life, flirtable and ready to stablish this kind of relationship.

Let’s say I only like blonde women (I don’t really care if blonde, brunette or redhead), let’s say I only like blonde women, in this situation the spirit will bring someone but as our petition is more specific it will depend if there are blondies around the places you use to move (sphere of availability). So, as it is more specific, it’s supposed to take a bit more of effort (what’s available at that very moment)

Now let’s say I want a blonde girl who lives in her own house and has pets. Again, as it much more specific than first time we asked for “only a lover” it will take much more time (probably) than just a “only a lover”

The more specific you are asking, the more time it may cost (you may be lucky and get your blonde girl who lives in her own house with her pets on few days, it will depend of your sphere of availability, but the more specific, the harder it will be, and the longer it will take to manifest usually)

Can a demon bring me the person I name? It depends again, as it is very very very specific, it will depend of certain things just like your actual relationship. If you’re both already friends, it will take no time, in the same day you’ll meet or at least make contact. If you’re not friends, nor speak, so don’t have any kind of connection the most probably thing is you’ll meet on the street or wathever place you have met before

About atracting a witch or sorceress for platonic relationship, sure he can, just remember you have to put some effort also on the working, meaning you’ll have to visit places related to witchcraft and magick so to expand your sphere of availability (hummmm, where could we look for? :P), and if you start sending pms to female magickians already, you’re on the right track

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