Can a curse target just one area of your life?

Is it possible for someone to curse just one area of your life? I have a strong feeling that my ex has cursed me to be lonely forever. I’m very outgoing and friendly every time I meet new people they love to be friends with me but I feel no connection to anyone, with love, the guys always like me back but it ends in the most strange way with them pulling away for no reason. All the magick I’ve done so far has been a success for jobs, money, health etc…but nothing for love/friendship! My ex (a narcissist, abusive person )was the only one who had all the links (my hair, clothes etc… and he was very angry at me for leaving him)
I bought the “Magick Protection” book and was thinking if I should do the “Master protection ritual” for 33 days or I was just being superstitious , same night I had a dream of my ex chasing and stalking me , I had the same dream years back before realising he had put spyware in my computer, It’s been almost 6 year but I can’t seen to get rid of this energy. What do you guys think?

Yeah, it is posible to sour just one aspect of your life, actually there are some posts about it.
In you situation I would evoke/invoke murmur and ask him to remove the curse. Other helpful spirits are thantifaxath and niantiel. They can do the same.

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Yes, it can affect one area.

Is it possible he is still around and smearing you to new potential partners? Narcs often do this to try and have control. They still can stalk ex partners after many years.

There are ways you can cleanse any attachment or curse he has placed onto to clear the way

never heard of those spirits before is there a book I can find to get some info about them? I like to do some research before calling a new spirit:)

no we are not in touch anymore since 4 years and don’t even live in the same city , I moved so not in contact with any common friends either so possibility of him doing anything physically is very slim , these things started happening after a year of our separation and are going til now.

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Was he into this kind of stuff? It is very possible with what is happening.

Check VK Jehannum articles.

he himself wasn’t in to it, but he was very much aware of the fact that you can visit professional spell casters and pay them to put a curse on someone , it’s very common in the middle eastern culture!

great! Thank you so much for the help:)

Freezing this curse would imo work for your case, since once it’s frozen, even if your ex tries throwing an identical one on you again, it won’t move against you. Your ex will have to make more effort to be creative/resourceful. Most people are imo too lazy to bother.

I use the curse removal/freezing method listed in Angelic Protection Magick. It’s easier, quicker, and shorter than the one you mentioned. And it’s really effective. I’ve frozen death curses, among other types, using this method and it really does work. With this method, you don’t need to know what the curse does or what the details are. You just need to have a hunch that you’re cursed in some way. :wink:

You’ll need to sever all bad cords/connections between you and your ex. AA Michael will help you with this. Just get into a light trance, pray to, or you can petition AA Michael to help you with this task. There’s a great book that teaches the methods for cord severing. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

Then you need to bind his power over you and cast him out of your life. I have a knot spell if you want it. If you do, PM me please. It’s simple and very effective.

I also recommend self-healing work to unblock your energy flow. Cos it sounds like you’ve got a blockage. Robert Bruce has a book about energy work. It’s excellent and I recommend it.

The master protection ritual most likely had something to do with alerting you to the fact your ex was/is harming you. Not unusual.

If you’d rather go down the Goetic route, there are a few demons who will remove a curse. Focalor is one of them - I’ve had him remove some curses before and it’s worked well - however, it did cause some strange side effects for me. Which is another reason why I prefer to freeze curses. But it’s up to you.

If you have KoF, Opfaal can help.

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wow thank you so much for such a detailed solution :slight_smile: very helpful, I’ll pm you for the knot spell.At some point will call a demon for help as well :slight_smile: I don’t think the curse is on going or he is still doing it since it’s been very long but it was probably done once or a few times in the past.I also think he had put a spell on me to agree to be with him as he was nothing like what I wanted yet I couldn’t say no.

Trust me, freeze the curse. When you call on a demon of your choice, instead of phrasing your command to remove or break or lift the curse, phrase it so that the demon will freeze the curse instead.

Another suggestion I have is to summon Lord Kiltan to plant suggestions into your ex’s mind to get him to leave you alone forever. You can also have Lord Kiltan help you by planting suggestions that help you leave this situation behind, heal from it, and rebuild your confidence or whatever your ex has affected.

I’ll get to your PM soon.