Can a Christian's selfrighteousness affect us?

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I am a general curious mind and I want to understand what sort of niche that Christianity or just the “White Magicians” take in the world. I would love to hear your opinions on the questions I have:

  1. If a Christian’s conviction in their faith as a white Magician is true and they follow all their religious virtues to the point that it is second nature, does that white mage have the potential of power in them?
  2. By extension, can a Christian with enough conviction:
    (a) Inadvertently invoke negative energies based on their opinion of something?
    (b) Send that malevolent energy to whomever they feel indignation for? (whether they know it or not)
  3. Is it possible that the ‘demons’ that these Christians are afraid of are just self-fulfilling prophecies?
  4. I notice that the monotheistic Gods seem to talk about the suppression of free will a lot, or a specific lifestyle to live that I can perceive as being “efficient” for a religion (ie: No homosexuals, don’t eat specific foods, don’t question the religion, etc). Does the belief in their sort of suppression or guided life give them power, in the same way, that a Black Magician may attain their power through expression?


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Anyone who practices magic has the potential for power. It doesn’t matter what system they use, they just have to be committed and put in the work. They don’t raise negative energy by accident anymore than a black magician would. We’re all versed in cleaning and banishing.

A “demon” for a christian is just anything that doesn’t match their alignment. Said demons won’t harm them so long as their defenses are in place. I’d also argue no demon would desire to harm them in the first place.

Living a holy lifestyle is an outward sign of the bond a person has with their deity. It exalts their god in the same way joining the military would exalt Aries and becoming a doctor exalts Brigid. It’s the highest honor and offering that can be given.


@DarkestKnight, It’s done.


Do you believe it is possible that a Christian can claim someone is being “possessed by a demon” (malicious energy), and because of their personal conviction of faith, negative energy becomes associated with the person through a “demon proxy” but only from their point of view?

Not likely. The thing you’re talking about doing requires active effort and intent. Their faith alone wouldn’t do it.


Hmm, what if it wasn’t just a single Christian but rather a flock of people who actively pray/and perform rituals to achieve a specific goal (ie: to make their beliefs come true). Not necessarily for the specific and literal intent of calling a demon, but to sort of “send” their conviction of their monotheistic ‘God’ to a Black Magician. More specifically I will ask this question: “If a congregation of people ask their ‘God’ affect a specific person that they collectively know intimately; is it possible for this congregation to affect the specific individual that goes beyond the pure psychology?”

Let’s assume everyone in the congregation are competent in raising and sending energy magically. We still have the issue of the target needing to accept that energy of their own free will. The energy is programmed that way as a consequence of Christian doctrine.

But if we remove that and say their god functions like any other deity, then I’d say yes. It’s possible. It just depends on what they ask for.

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Hmm to go beyond theoretics if you are interested in entertaining it; there’s a sort of occurrence that I’ve noticed involving those who are born into a faith that falls under “White Magick”. It’s almost like a phenomenon:

A child is born to a community of White Magicians. The child is molded by the White Magicians with a community that genuinely cares about their growth and wellbeing. Some of these children grow up to adulthood to find that there are some “Core traits” that they associate with themselves that aren’t in line with their religion (this can be described as hedonistic qualities). These people are either able to hide it until they get to an age they can separate themselves from this sort of large entity, or they succumb to the pressure of the community and try to sort of change or suppress these qualities within them. Beyond the psychological effects of being in contact with a community like this; sometimes these people become plagued with mental distress that can manifest in many different ways depending on the situation and personality.

I have seen a grand amount of faith and conviction coming from an organized monotheistic religion that actively tries to exercise control its people. These people aren’t just “once-a-week” Christians, they essentially do rituals and live by their doctrines in their everyday life (ie: praying daily, weekly communions, weekly studies, etc). There appears to be no such thing as a “Casual believer” to them. So I wonder in regards to beliefs that put their faith so highly in their lives: Can these people of strong faith associate their power with anyone? More specifically, past members of their faith?

I ask these because I’ve notice that this sort of occurrence has affected a lot of people who experience high stress involving faith. It’s almost like these people can invoke lots of distress in a person, just by their faith alone; especially if they have strong convictions about the rules they were given to live by.

Based just off your description, I don’t see where the supernatural comes into play. This just sounds like normal cult brainwashing tactics. Anything done to you while part of a community is going to follow you psychologically and manifest later if it’s not addressed properly.

Hmm actually term that you used; can I ask to describe it further? The main thing I’m trying to understand or to see is if it is possible for a group of devoted Christians to invoke negative energy and sort of place it on them, or to discern if it is purely psychological, or really anything that can make sense. I want to understand the difference between the Psychological attachment to White Magick, and the genuine Magickal connection to White Magic that someone who was ‘brainwashed’ in their faith was lead to believe. I understand that there is something called a “Rite Of Blasphemy” used to separate the psychological connection between a Black Mage and the monotheistic God they used to worship, is it because there is power in the psychology of becoming actively Blasphemous?

If I think about a real-world example; my concern is that it was almost like these people are invoking the power of “God” to change other humans into going against what may be considered their fundamental nature. They do a lot of traditions similar to that of a Black Magician; just through the lens that their monotheistic God is their creator. Regardless of whether this is psychological, magical, or a mix of the two; it is almost like these humans are invoking the power of their God to give these people the “intuition” of needing to hide or suppress themselves. Whether that says a lot about the “God” they serve or the caliber of their “Personality”, I can’t deny I have seen these sorts of powers affect people who didn’t deserve it. They have so much influence over each other; that you could call it brainwashing, but it looks way more like personal conviction then anything.

It’s basic behavioral conditioning. Get the person to believe Big Brother/God is watching their every move and that certain actions are choices will lead to eternal punishment. Everything the church does after that just reinforces their idea.

Here’s some articles about brainwashing

I just happen to know a lot about psychology off hand, so what you’re saying sounds just vague enough to be completely mundane and not need magic at all.


This may actually be what I am looking for in helping my general understanding. :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

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  1. Yes and only to a degree that corresponds to the structure of their consciousness, i.e. their belief in a true “evil” will diminish that power just as your perception of a Christian as something actually "different’ will diminish yours. All are merely fragmented and illusory aspects of the one infinite mind that is your True Self.

  2. Yes but it holds true for every aspect of consciousness. In other words, any individual consciousness that holds a conviction of something whether seemingly positive or negative will automatically experience corresponding consequences as an experience.

  3. Yes, just as you seeing Christians or anyone else as “white” or “black” ( :slight_smile: spiritually I mean :slight_smile: ) or whatever will produce perfectly corresponding self-fulfilling prophecies. The only thing that is at work is the Self.

  4. Freewill exists only in the illusion of finite duality. God is unrestricted, infinite, limitless and has no will because God is and has everything and therefore lacks nothing. Wills require the illusion of separation and lack. You have no freewill but you are so utterly free and complete that freedom and bondage are irrelevant. The belief in suppression can temporarily produce corresponding effects but it is a lesser force because it is founded on inner conflict.

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