Came to me while meditating

I don’t know what it means or where it came from but I saw it when meditating and I drew it down. Any related sigils or symbols you know of and would be gracious enough to help me with is greatly appreciated.


I feel like I’ve seen this also. To me it resonates a crossroads, a choice in path or direction to take upon.

The eye in the center may mean that whomever showed you this is awaiting your decision to choose and then proceed to guide you along the way.

The box surrounding the eye may represent a barrier that no matter which way you go, you will encounter obstacles along the way.

The narrowing towards the end of each path may represent the focus and clearer truth to in which your ends will become apparent.

The final box is the last barrier to tackle, a means to test yourself into ascension, no matter which way you go it will all be as equally difficult to reach the end. But the result will be equally as rewarding.

The #4 is repeated 5 times. Take what you wish from that.

Hope this helps.

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