Calling to Samael & Odd dream regarding Azazel

There might have been topics similar or identical to this one. But I went ahead anyway because this one comes with a personal question about an entity.


By nearly all kabbalist, Judaic, and Christian legend, they are told to have committed the same acts and character traits. In Jewish legend, he is the soul taker of man (from the Zohar) and the accuser of the heavenly hierarchy, sometimes synonymous to the title used for that role, Satan. In Christian Demonology he’s leader of the fallen Angels and the serpent that tempted Eve. By Kabbalah, his authority lies in Saturn and executes its power through mars. In Kabbalah, he is also said to be the mate of Lilith (Adam’s first consort) and father of the half demonic race called the Nephilim. Azazel, (Said leader of the watchers) by mystic legend, was said to have done ALL of this. (Except for the absence of Lilith by name)

For the past couple months I have been really interested in the connection between Azazel and Samael. With growing interest came a constant thought process about them. In early October, a Wiccan friend of mine said he got the sudden feeling that Samael wanted to speak to me even though I never told him anything about my fascination. In his words he said, “He thinks you would be a good – not ‘pawn’ – but ‘servant’ to his cause, and wants to help in strengthening you.” Surprisingly I wasn’t anxious, I actually felt honored based on my desire to destroy many evil things in this world. It means he sees something in me. So I’ve had plans on contacting him, but I’ve been held back by doubt in my ability to Hear and communicate clearly with spirits. So I’ve been considering petitioning either Hecate or Raziel to aid me while in contact lately. My sudden interest in Azazel’s said ability of instruction on spiritual senses had me thinking of _him_often lately too.

On Friday night of Dec. 24th, me and my family were staying at my Aunt’s house in L.A. to see old family during my Christmas leave time. I was sleeping on the couch and dropped into a dream setting similar to a renaissance Italian palace; brightly illuminated with lots of gold and copper colored stairwells, walls, curved ceilings, hanging braziers, etc. I suddenly heard myself full-on summoning his name with orations and everything. Soon, high in the air, an angry-faced black drama mask appeared, still but slowly hovering throughout the heights of the massive room, gaze fixed on me. It was speaking a loud man’s voice in English sentences. I still am angry that I could not remember any of it. After waking I had his name repeating in my mind for a minute before getting up for coffee.

There was also a second dream the next night. It began laying in a bed hearing his name again, and spotted a figure on the opposite side of the room but not moving. Periodically heard faint speaking. Hazy, hard to make out. Heard repetition of his name again and after a long moment, another figure, A big hooded figure with a partially covered red face quickly popped up beside the bed and spooked me enough to wake me.

If that really was him and not my mind running off on a typical tangent, what would a black mask symbolize? Like the darkness manifested into a form? Him being a mask for something else? Since I’ve been seeing Samael working out physical events in my life, was it him trying to tell me something about Azazel? Or telling me to call him? And the second dream with two figures – apparently there is more than one being watching.

Just looking for some outside opinions.