Calling on lucifer

im calling on him for the first time but im not compleatly shoure how

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Feel free to use the search button,you’ll find everything what you need ,good luck! :grin:

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1.meditate for 15min with binaural beats (you tube)
2.lit candles
3.meditate,keep attention on breathing
4.started gazing at the sigil while welcome him to ur temple
5. Gazing again,opening the sigil and call the Enn


ok and whats the enn

Use the search button!!


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There is a DM in your upper right corner…green one notification…enjoy.
And all the praise to the original creator of that post.
No need to thank me and don’t ask me any more questions.
You are on your own now.
P.S. Use the search button A LOT and don’t you dare to say it is hard to find what you wanna find.
Don’t be lazy


i m sorry to post that i will just do things on my own for a wile

thanks for your help

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