Calling a shade in a graveyard?

I’m curious would this make any difference sitting down surrounded by graves vs if I sat in my backyard with a candle. I have two theories.

  • somehow the veil is thinner.
  • nothing will happen and the shade will materialize before you like normal.

If it’s different is it a bad idea or a good idea to call a shade forth in a grave yard?:thinking: let me know what you guys think.

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If you are calling a specific shade, the best place to do it is said to be in a cemetery at their grave. If you are just calling a random shade or wandering dead, you can pretty much call from anywhere.

There is no difference, really, in the materialization of the shade in either place. What is different, however, is the mindset you would have doing a summoning in a cemetery versus a summoning in your backyard. The atmosphere of a cemetery would make sinking into the necessary state of mind much easier compared to the known safety of your yard. Surrounded by graves, you would have fear, mixed with excitement, mixed with trepidation, all making a heady brew of chemicals within your nervous system. You will sweat, your hearing will be enhanced so every sound will be ten times louder and you will be anxious about being caught. Even the cleanest, most modern cemetery feels otherworldly at night.

When I went to my local cemetery at night to collect some graveyard dirt, I was amazed at how different it felt compared to being there during the day.


In voodoo there is a saying 'if you’re not afraid to get your hands dirty, voodoo pays the best interest ".

Meaning if you can move from your comfort zone to the place of action the results will be more rewarding.

Apart from collecting graveyard dirt I have never been in cemetery to perform rituals, but countless times I have been at cross roads at night performing what I have to, I could strongly testify the energies you feel while doing what you do, the results, plus the experience you will have afterwards is far more richer than doing the same thing on your ritual chambers.

So if you think you can go to the cemetery, don’t back down go ahead the experience will be much more rewarding than before.

Going to sites like cemeteries, cross roads, old trees, water falls, at night performing rituals you will never return home empty handed.

Good luck.


I’m just worried if I go there people are gonna look at me funny seeing some kid collect dirt😂eh idc what other people think I just don’t want to be bothered. And I can’t go at night so I’m going tomorrow after work on my way home. I just don’t want anyone to give me issues I want to be in and out with my dirt😂

Perhaps if I’m really worried (even tho no one probably will give a shit cause if anyone else is there they’re worried about their loved ones) can do something like bring a flower and in the act of transferring potting soil into the ground to plant the flower I keep the dirt.
Realistically though walking home from work I should arrive at the cemetery at like 7:00-7:30 in the morning so I should be fine

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