Call to help demon is safe

If I call any demon like Belial or King Paimon and request to help by the help of sigil so is there any problem or it’s safe…
Means they help us or not it isn’t matter but is it possible they give us harm ?

Most established demons like Belial and King Paimon will not hurt you. But if you are fearful they may purposely scare you to teach you a lesson it really depends on what you need.

I recommend the LBRP so you can have the archangels evoked and by your side when you bring the demons in.


Safe? Probably not, but why let that stop you when it can be just as dangerous getting out of bed every morning?

Actually that’s All that matters, otherwise the whole thing is an utter waste of time, no?

Yes of course they can, but it greatly depends on the individual summoner, can they control their fear? Can they admit to themselves that they are indeed gods already to be able to call forth such things before them? To commune with them, to command their power? Or retreat back to the lie they are nothing but bone and meat, small and helpless?