Call me weird

Since entities can be bound to objects, what entity can be bound to an automobile? :thinking:

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I asked an entity associated with travel to provide a willing minion to protect my motor. :+1:

I’m not going to be too specific for obvious reasons but it’s been good so far and I’ve narrowly avoided a few things.


Great advice as always. I’ll research it. Thanks.

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You’re weird.

As for part two, yeah that pretty much was covered already by Eva.


To be specific it’s for my cargo van. Someone to keep it safe and running.


Ive had a lot of success enchanting my vehicles. I havent necessarily asked an entity to watch over my travel, or bound something to it. More of a protection spell.

Anyways, my cars tend to be older, because I am living on a college budget :stuck_out_tongue: and every time they have broken down I have been at a complete stop, or just starting to go and then it happens (always, curiously at intersections). I always remain in control of the vehicle and am safe.

So I dont really think you need an entity exactly, this is something you can do yourself, with your own power.

This may be an off the wall suggestion, as it just came to me as I was typing, but Mercury and things associated with it: like dragons and dragon energy. xD Find yourself a dragon. I am sure they wouldnt mind traveling with you.


Synchronicity is in full force tonight. I follow Tiamat and Tanin’iver two of the baddest Dragons in the Universe.
Bad in a good way.


That is really cool because it hit me like a ton of bricks while thinking on your discussion xD Mercury… Then DRAGONS. Like neon lights haha. Anyways neato. It only asserts that you cant go wrong asking them for help.


Thanks for the input it’s very helpful. :+1:

Here’s another sync for you, my van is a Ford and before the shake up of all the car companies the company was called Ford Mercury.


You beat me to it!

Everybody is somebody’s weirdo!


You can attatch a spirit to a motor but it won’t be like nightrider.

More like Christine or Herbie?


lol yes exactly like that. How did you know?

I may be horse in a field but I didn’t just climb out of the primordial gloop… honestly.

Try Kitt from Knight Rider… as a servitor maybe ? :slight_smile:

what’s it like being a horse?

what’s it like being whatever you are?

I am a tapeworm so pretty crappy.


The raw power of and spirits of mercury and jupiter are great for travel protection. I put Jupitertian wards among other things on my trucks. So far they have saved my ass from 2 potentially really bad wreaks. One of them kinda warped space around the truck far as i can tell :rofl: i haven’t figured out how else i missed gettin T boned a few months back.