California Black Magicians?

Sweet. Its always nice to connect to people who are relatively close

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Here south California

I live in northern california its mostly the valley towards mount shasta which on the discovery channel was speculated as an entry to a outer dementionals base but i think thats just speculation

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This went a bit off-topic, anyone who wishes to continue discussing the state’s policies and also the subject of gun control and differences between states regarding other policies such as marijuana, please go to the newly-created topic to continue: Discussing States & Gun Control :+1:


This was not a thread meant for political discussion.

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Yeah, that’s why I split that stuff out into a new topic, it happens, it’s why forums have that function built in and always have - tbqh when I logged in and saw the title earlier I thought there’d been some disaster or something. so, I changed the title therefore to make it more clear what it’s about. :+1:


Thanks for splitting the thread ! @Lady_Eva that kinda went off in a different direction

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Yeah it was going off topic.

Lol yeah California is red flag worthy, good instinct. :+1:

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Hey this state aint so bad theres a lot of tourist spots :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:

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I know I was born there.

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I’m from California. Love it here. :wink:

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Orange county here…

Orange county here

I live in southern California ! Although I plan to move to Pennsylvania one day

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Why Pennsylvania?

My family is from there :slight_smile: I was born in California, my dad moved out here when he was younger, but most my blood family is out in Pennsylvania, I also would like to work in the forrestry out there, I love the forests and wildlife


Theres a lot of good spots our here for hiking but I haven’t tried rituals there yet. I’m yet do do my first evocation. Just kinda waiting for the right moment and still going through my lists seeing who I resonate with most.


Yo, southern California here!