Hey, guys! So I’m having a bit of a problem with a guy who lives with me. I’m currently working on something that might improve things but I’m wondering about how to use Calamosi from the book Lucifer and the hidden demons. I guess I should explain my situation a bit: I’m trying to do two things utilizing different spirits strategically. I want to regain a romantic relationship we had and make it more stable with future commitment. I recently summoned Sallos for this and he pointed out some very obvious blocks that need to be removed. He (the guy) has a lot of emotional issues that require time to heal. I’m willing to wait and be patient but I want him to start the process of healing, which he has no idea how to do and talking to him about his problems is almost impossible. So, I turned to the supernatural. My concern is that the power of Calamosi seem to only affect the person who called him. I’m wondering if it would be effective to word my request so that Calamosi can be used for other people, or should I use another spirit instead?


Really hope someone would give me some suggestions.

Either he doesnt what to do it for a reason, or there is something about it he doesnt like about it. Spirits watch for the well being of there children, you should ask him about it, and if not i would call on a healing spirit such as Satan or Marbas


thats a tru statement but they may do it counsel n see if its right anyone can cause healing for another well the ones who do that

Thnx for the responses guys.