C.Kendall's Challenge - Becoming the primordial Darkness : a challenge not for the faint of heart

Continuing to the discussion from the challenge of Darkness, embodying, working, and invoking the primordial darkness. I decided to embark upon the transcendence from a light energy body to now a limitless Dark energy , this was done by completing the 7 step alchemical transformation of conjuring absolute Darkness to critical mass, and then calling into your life and existence. This is step 1.
as I made a feeble first attempt at the first step during daylight hours , I got exactly what I put into it… a disappointing result ( due to my own conspiring issues developing over the last week.
I luckily had a mood boost from an outside source that ignited my passion for magick and make a second attempt , this time late at night , mind body and soul prepped and focused on the working at hand I took my position facing the north and scry’d into a thick black pentagram while vibrating the correct mantra for said working.

IMMEDIATELY I FELT A DIFFERENCE. Not only felt but saw as the blAck smoke of the abyss filled my temple area u ntill all light from any source of candle flame or reflection nor refraction of any kind would pierce the obsidian atmosphere billowing Into my vision and my surrou dings as I recited the incantation and set in motion the cutting of all ties to limitation.
I felt the presence and power condense In to critical mass and knew I wanted that power as my own. So I dedicated my next 9 hours to completing all of the rest of the challenges that would allow th I transformation to happen.


Step #2 Blasphemy, turning away from the false light:
I enjoyed this as it was my first taste of working with the powers of darknesss, and cursing the the false light and rising against the corrupted tyrnical gods of christianity, Judaism, Islamic, and then ultimately and finally Ahura-Mazda the epitome of stagnation/limitation and enemy of the unlimited potential of Darkness embodied.
Now during the first working or just as I threw this rite I the face of the false gods and prophets, my third eye must have been blown wide open. I say this because part of my recent upset is with lack of visual gnosis after creating massive amounts of energy during gnosis ritual I have been working. I also have been working through the rites of lucifer, and although I can feel this energy beyond anything or any sensation I have ever felt…this was puzzling for me as my kundalini had been ignited for the ers time recently during the light bearer rite. I HAD THOUGHT little work need be done regarding that area, in fact invocation of lucifer as the Lord of the air and Prince of the eastern quadrant, I think may have pushed me towards this working. As I was saying ,y 3rd eye was wide as I could see without effort the manifestation of the darkness , like swirling ghost snakes , smoke with form, purpose and intent devouring the false light released from the sigils I created. Amazing. Hooked, I dived deeper into the next step immediately. ( step 3 next post a.s.a.p).:smiling_imp::wink:Rep rep


Alrighty back in black … sorry my brothers and and sisters, I am on an Android tablet with a moderate conection, I know most are not exactly waiting with baited breath for my results posted , but hey that’s why I feel it necessary to put as much effort and detail into my experience to show my gratitude and appreciation for being able to learn this from he forum. Also get better at my story structure , writing style etc. This forum is a true blessing.

   Ok step 3invoking darkness,this is where the intensity of my experience began to rise, again my vision exploding with shock and surprise at how vivid I could see this force of limitless possibilities take form of shadow and smoke with purpose , intent  ,  and cognitive calculation,  even though I knew or rather felt its message that only a small fraction of its being decided to show the form my brain was or rather could just barely percive that small manifestation.

It reminded me of the PlayStation game " the darkness" 1and 2 where the main character projects his consciousness into the snake like creatures of his shadow…that is u ntill it entered me , and my first gnosis was blissfull ,but intimidating, to where I am not used to visions as vivid as I recieved, and i guess I may have been looking into my subconscious because the flashes were of extremely strange beings and or places that did not follow our human laws of physics , it constantly morphed into other sights , blackness , exploding lights of colors I have not seen before. I enjoyed the rising feeling of warmth and familiar energy.
I work with with Lucifer and felt a definite common sensation of energy , yet this darkness I find is at times very un-explaneable. I continued.


Challenge #4 , or step I’d like to remind readers that this is C.Kendall’s working. This thread is my results of the challenge and posting my experience with the completion of challenges 1through 7, I am still green with the platform functionality and apologize for any inconvenience if caused. I will make sure to post on the original thread a link or tagged post connecting the two.

Challenge 4 Littany of Darkness , this was experienced immediately as I was reciting the incantation , everything I attempted felt 1000 times more vivid intimate sensation and almost ease as I would normally experience this type of gnosis at a much slower rate , almost instantly with a simple affirmation I would receive the clearest results on everything I focused on, I read slowly and almost word for word as Kendall describes it manifested in front of my open eyes, …also strangely every aspect I needed to properly work this teaching , was extremely Convienient amd located almost all at hands reach in my newly renovated and sealed off temple space…again this was a spontaneous decision and passionately put all my effort into these challenges, and words won’t due justice to how differently power full i startedDee feel.


Challenge # 5
I just lost a major long post , probobly to teach me to not pontificate as much , this was a hard step for me as I arrogantly thought I had no fears to face…oh boy , all I can say is that when all seems to fail and destruction is at your doorstep , the darkness helps you recognize the strength in potential , shows you multiple possibilities of who or what you could have been , still can be, and then obliterate all connection to why it became a fear to begin with, also fear in spirit form manifested from the darkness and showed a vision of the spirit over my left shoulder whispering warnings of immediate threats physically and then some. This was most likely the toughest part in my opinipn. All of it…but I understand sol much more about myself or rather my old self I evolved from…


**Challenge # 6 **

Blackening the chakras:

This I enjoyed emmensely, the mantras are incredibly powerful, the " sinking in’ sensation felt like warm heavy weight settling in after I felt each vibration had effectively worked, I now use the reverse mantra while meditating to empower and tune my chakra energy centres, I am creating a small similar meditation for doing the same with the minor chakras. Just me though.


Challenge # 7 Merging with darkness:

Ok so this by far was the climax of my experience, anyone who can relate to kundalini raising, I have experienced in my life the ignition of my kundalini 3 times. Once by I think was DMT in a drug years and years ago, and then secondly by Deggal, kingdom of flames spirit, and thirdly by Lucifer during my light bearer ritual.

When the darkness fully enveloped me I felt my neck constrict sharply and strongly , while my shoulder snapped up like my head tried to recede into a shell like a turtle. It was so strong , almost like being tazered, where the muscles of your body constrict andcontract immobilizing you this continued from my head down through my glutes and quads, lights and colors exploded during this u ntill the war th started crawling in me slowly relaxing and comforting me while it obsorbes all colors of light in my vision. I lay there panting , reveling in my determinant action, pleased and eager to learn more.

I now am experiencing heightened senses like I have never known, including aura vision and presence within me , ancient and unlimited , I can feel this energy everywhere and if i focus it I can see a black mass begin to condense in my vision…thank you C. Kendall. :smiling_imp::wink: Darkest blessings everyone.


yith eth, Rowencaine.

I’m with you,





Frederic Oberon Schatz

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