By products from a ritual

Around 11:30 pm tonight I performed a ritual as laid out by J. S. Garret - “virus hijacking ritual,” which required a blood offering. I followed the ritual to a tee. A couple of hours later and I have low rumbling in both my ears, but my hearing has become more clearer. Is this a by-product from performing the ritual indicating the ritual was successful?


you probably started communicating with the intelligence of the virus.

It isn’t human,
so it’s use of language is strange for the brain to interpret at the beginning.

You’ll get used to it.

Adress it,
talk to the sigil.

That will help.



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I have already burnt the sigil which was in the ritual guidelines. But I did thank it at the end. The rumbling I have described above I have had before but it was louder when I had a parasitic spirit in my home.

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