Buulding one of those inflatable balloon decoy guys from metal gear solid but with m a g i c k

Hello again BALG,
Ya boi thirsts for violence and revenge.

Ya boi is also laughably outmanned, outgunned, and lacking in experience. What could go wrong, right?

Back when i was at an old high school, a friend of mine who was quite skilled at magick built a decoy of himself to “take hits” instead of him. His idea was that magick, like most other forces, takes the path of least resistance.
He built a figure of himself using metal wire and wax, a tag lock, and gold leaf over the face to represent himself. Simultaneously, he cast a shrouding spell on himself in order for his little figure to “shine the brightest” so to speak.

Since i am completely shafted in “conventional one-on-one conflict” with my target, stealth is a must. Therefore, i am trying to replicate this design. Sort of.
My idea is to build my own figure out of golden wire (not actual gold, sadly) and beeswax, make an ink out of blood, honey, and golden paint that i will use with a needle to prick holes in the figure at every chakra point, to chant an incantation (that i have yet to write), and to “sandwich” the doll between two mirrors, hopefully bouncing back any spells that may have been targeted towards me.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Any potential alterations to make? Any experience in other spells accomplishing broadly the same task? Any other criticisms?