Butchering my evocation of Lucifer... lol

Not really sure how successful I was.

I took the respectful invitation approach. I have a backbone and wasn’t too concerned about appearing weak. And so I bought wine and roses for a general meet and greet evocation.

My intent was, guidance with Ascension and growth. Strengthening of myself… I’ve gotten so weak this last year physically and in some mental health aspects such as existential depression. That profound sense of pointlessless really kicks my ass. Also, help with blockages at work. There are some serious secret little fuck fuck games going on there.

I made my space, got my sigil and roses and wine, and meditated on the sigil.

Prior to this I listened to a chant of his enn on the way home. It had a strange effect on me… kept making me yawn even though I wasn’t tired. It was very soothing and calming . Very very. But still not in a sleep time way.

While gazing at the sigil nothing was really happening. So I closed my eyes and meditated to get in the proper trance, then gazed again. I noticed a little movement, not flashing and not 3D but something a little wiggly.

I started chanting the enn and closed my eyes again. I got a pulsating feeling in my vajay… almost like a heartbeat but a little faster and stronger. Totally wasn’t expecting that and I think it threw my concentration off a bit.

I felt prompted to lie back, and after a while I turned on the chant of the enn, and I was out like a light.

Totally unintentional.

What the freaking hell. I totally botched the whole flow of everything I wanted to do.

I put blood around the sigil as well. I’m going to plan better and try again tonight.


Let us know how it goes

I really don’t think I raised enough energy and got myself in the right theta gamma whatchamadoo

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Do you evoke often?

I am noob lol.

I was armchair studying for years.

And a few weeks ago I finally decided to dive in

Maybe you were too formal and Lucifer was playing a joke on you. Roses and wine! That’s some offering, I felt good cause I bought Dragon’s Blood incense cause I heard he likes that xD Anyway what sounds like might’ve happened was you were being formal and trying too hard and Lucifer started putting sexual energy into your genitals in kind of a ‘lighten up’ way, and maybe even relaxed you so you’d fall asleep on purpose. All of us approach this too formally when we first start. Keep in mind that, when Lucifer came through energetically for me the most, I was just meditating at work. Totally unexpected when he popped in and his presence filled the room. Good luck!

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You didnt fail. You passed out. You have to fight that feeling. Sounds like you were definitely doing it tho


Well then the only thing you have to do is practice more. The offering is very nice. The wine is just perfect. He likes it.

I think you did well, because the rush stopped the concentration. Next time when you feel your heart or a sense that he’s with you. try to go on.

Good job. And think yourself that it worked, because it worked. Thinking it doesn’t work. comes with a blockage.



Heh heh

It’s a vah geene er

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I’ll try being less formal this time, and meditating longer so I can hold the theta gamma whatchacallit trance more steadily. I need to write out my intent too.