But do you really know you've contacted the right entity?

Entity I’m dealing with still hasnt made itself known to me. How do you know you are not dealing with an imposter or vampire energy? It arrives whenever I’m in deep meditation but not clear enough to give me a name. I never get a name. Just sensation and it’s powerful enough for me to immediately know the shift that they are there. It’s frustrating. Do I banish or work with them?


These threads provide methods for discerning and removing impostors.


It depends who you’re asking. Some magicians would recommend that you test or banish. Others would recommend that keep working with it until it gives you a name.

In eastern traditions, you may work with a spirit for months, day and night, in the most difficult environments you can imagine, physically and mentally, all your goal from doing that is to get that name when the spirit trusts you enough. Because the name of the spirit is the most valuable and safely guarded thing they have, if you got a name, and you’re experienced enough, you can fully control this spirit. While you may keep working with it to test it, it would be doing the same and also testing you !

At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide. If you feel that the spirit is worth it, you can keep working with it until it reveals its name to you. If you have doubts or suspicions… then just banish and work with a spirit you already know.

Usually spirits don’t lie about their names. Because it risks getting punished for it by the magician if he or she finds out. If you’re experienced enough you can kill or at least torture it. If you think it might be an imposter then the post mentioned above “How to detect imposter spirits” would be helpful.


This is why I never use google.com sigils of any entity and usually a false one from my experience anyway will claim they’re [insert important name or multiple names and claims it’s the same being or masks of each other] so yeah many cases a false one will lie about who they are if it means energy from you, otherwise they won’t lie if they have no reason to.

If you’re familiar with projection or scanning you can just do that as well to test it out, it helps me tell the difference from the real entity from some thoughtform leech or an entity leeching for attention. Although there are also cases where even guides and such won’t make themselves known to you for a while for example Fyglia aren’t all that communicative until they deem it’s the right time, same with entities from your past and so forth.


I’ve used only a couple of different sigils (that I believe are accurate) but I still have limited abilities so they have had zero effect. This entity shows up on its own, when I am alone. I’ve demanded it to tell me it’s named but I get nothing. Out of pure curiosity I have not banished it. Also a related question, can you have an incubus attached to you without petitioning lillith?

Yes, because not all succubus/incubus follow Lilith, just as not all kitsune follow Inari, not all angels follow Yahweh, etc. As for the entity have you looked into divination means? if you can’t get information from it’s mouth maybe you can divine it?

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Can you message me on the specifics how to do that?

Well, I finally have a name, I think. It’s nothing I have ever come across before so I’m skeptical. May update if I ever find out what the hell is going on. Lol

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Thank you so much for this!!!

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