Business & Money 💸

Who do you guys recommend to work with for money and business magic, as far as entities and gods go?

There’s knowledge of business of course which I’ve been told azazel might be good for, and small gains of money would probably be bune. But I’d like to hear other views and experiences :moneybag::money_with_wings:

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Clauneck is said to be great for business.

There is also Jupiter.


I know generally how to evoke, any advice on how to evoke those 2 besides sigil work for the former? Telltale signs that either of them are in the room?

I think that is pretty individual. Some people feel a change in temperature when a spirit is present, or a change in the energetic atmosphere. Personally, due to my shielding, I usually don’t realize spirits are present until they speak, though I have felt some major environmental changes with certain spirits, especially those with the heavy energies of Saturn.

I use Jason Miller’s planetary calls and invocations from his book Advanced Planetary Magick for Jupiter so the presence is more diffuse than if I am evoking a demon.

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