Business Is Bune!

Interesting Bune story. A few weeks ago I was working with Lilith and Bune, not having done so since moving in with my Girlfriend in October. That night my girlfriend woke up thinking the hallway light was left on, She got out of bed and walked into the hallway to see a spirit of golden radiance, standing there looking at her with curiosity. My girlfriend said the spirit was so beautiful, deep inky Black hair and vivid blue crystal eyes. She saw her/his face with such clarity that she was awe struck. She got a little afraid at that moment and told the spirit to go away, at which point it vanished.

The next morning she told me about it, and I told her about evoking Bune and Lilith that night. I told her I believed it was Bune (or a representative of Bune). My girlfriend said she was sad about telling the spirit to go away, so I said just make an offering to Bune on my alter of some Honey. She did so, but told me as recently as last night that not a day goes by that she doesn’t think of this spiritual encounter. She said she feels badly still, even after the offering of telling it to go away, and I told her not to worry about it. I know she wants to have another encounter with the spirit, but don’t really know at this point what to tell her apart from evoking it, and maybe some dream work with the spirit.

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I’ve not worked with BUNE but with all the positive comments I am now “chomping at the bit” to do so… : )

im a little confused. has bune made any of you rich? bune does not care about small sums lf you worked with him you should have around more than bill gates. not kidding

Bune is about prosperity long-term, not just cash. That being said my spouse and I make over $200,000 so we do ok.


nope thats not bune

Opinions vary. Not all are correct, and if you can find a reference to specific timelines within which Bune can only bestow riches I for one would be most curious. In the references that I’ve seen it says “She helped pharaohs and nobles acquire the wealth and wisdom they would need to build the first Egyptian society.”

That doesn’t seem like an overnight process as you imply.

I have a question. what have you asked of bune?

Very interesting stories. A lot of them like Bune or Belial are personal guardians even angels for some people. I didn’t really work with Bune, I had a trial but didn’t work out.
For me, is totally different. I am getting something totally different from demons lately . They don’t want to be my personal guardians anymore. They want me to become stronger then I am, to be able to defend myself and not wait for them to watch me all the time. Lately they do not do anything for me unless if they see I do myself something. The moment I start fighting on my own and count only on myself they are there to support me and give a “kick” in the right direction to whatever needs to happend. Very interesting "change of heart "they have with me. Is like they themselves throw me to the lion intentionally to raise up my skills, develop myself further. Anyone experienced something like this?


could bune help me with my divination business?

Why don’t you do a divination about it?

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haha, very funny. funny thing litterally as i was about to check this i got a new client


Very cool, I’ve recently got an inkling to work with Bune, in conjunction with some existing project I have running.

Did you ask for a specific amount, or specific goal to use the amount for?
Any particular links/ references you found informative in how to approach initiatiating work with Bune?

Will keep you posted!

That’s funny that you mention this about Bune, because I’ve always just asked for money in the past with her help. However, earlier today when I called upon her for this, I got the impression to ask for ongoing wealth instead that increases my time freedom to practice/train magically and gives me the lifestyle I want. Once I did so, there was a definite response like, “finally I’ve been waiting to help this way, it’s about time!”


Are you from new zealand?

Welcome @zorgnz. I see you joined us back in June of 2018, but this is your first post. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum and required.

Hello sorry for being late on reading this, but I’m new here and I’m struggling to help my mom pay her debt and may debt… do you think bune would work with me with drawing his sigil, meditating over it

There’s no reason why the Duke won’t.
You just have to make contact with him, explain your needs, what it is used/needed for etc.

I have found working in the past with the great Duke that it is times that you need it most that he really comes out to help, and I must say he has never not helped me…

Be precise on what you need, what you need it for etc.

Start by doing some basic research on Bune to gain a proper background of him, after that do what you need to do for a proper evocation and state your case.

The search function on the forum has thousands of info on “How to” do anything…
I’m sure the rest of what you need you’ll find there.

Good luck.

Dark regards


You guys are all super helpful here. I had read somethings on bune that shocked me… my whole life I’ve been told demons are bad and will never help you. But after me letting go and wanting to pursue it, my whole view has changed… I read that someone meditated to bune and got 2,000 or 3000 dollars right after they were done. It shocked me because I recently got fired and my mom has been in debt and I want to help her out and myself… I hope he comes to me fast as well

I’m going to meditate while laying down, I drew his sigil and I’m learning how to say his enn to really connect with him, I’m always respectful to each spirit. I find that always helpful