Business boost boom

I’ve done a few rituals that have worked nicely to boost my business. But I am always open and looking for new rituals. Anyone use one recently that worked well?


I cannot help, but I would like to follow this thread as my company needs help too.

Still no posts in this thread? That’s a shame, I’m sure it could help many people. I’m currently exploring the subject as I could use this also. When I find anything relevant, I’ll be sure to share it here.

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I am always working with Mercury and Jupiter for business. Clauneck is amazing as well, but offers a steep learning curve.

Ritual-wise? Planetary magick based money and prosperity work is the mainstay. I have been using invocations prior to the rites lately.


I made a pact with Lucifer for my business, and that has paid off rather well. It’s still growing but I’ve gotten several new clients since signing the pact. Hail Lucifer!


Melektoth, you don’t have to tell me exactly what your side of the pact is, but would you mind giving me an idea of what I can offer a demon? I’ve read that they are interested in things that will actually make a difference in the astral plane? What can the average human like myself possibly have to offer?

PS my business has gotten better since my first reply to this post. I haven’t evoked King Belial yet, because I don’t want to do so until I feel like I actually have something that he will be interested in, but I think he has been opening some opportunities for me and I’ve been taking advantage of them. I definitely feel like I owe him an offering at the very least.

Even something as simple as regular offerings can be valuable. Honestly it’s best to ask the demon you’re working with. Lucifer and I went through several revisions of the pact before it was accepted. That’s pretty normal from what I’ve heard.

Lucifer likes it to be more of a partnership, not just him doing everything. I think Belial is pretty similar in that way as well.

Bog Veles is a Bog of Wealth, among other things. You could try his symbol as a sigil. You will need to give him an offering. Bread, cheese, butter, and milk are all common Slavic offerings, but you can likely give him any food.

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I’ve started reading the NAP could help you too

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