Burn with the Gods?

Anyone have any experience literally trying to use fire flow to dance with the Gods, or demons, etc.??

It’s very easy for me to get into a trance with flow, and Beltane just seems like the perfect time to try.

Would love to hear your experience, tips, etc.

Fire flow ? You mean the motion of flames ?

I think it’s a dance?

@note_dude @TheUmbra Google fire poi flow or fire flow arts… Can be poi, staff, fans, etc. It’s a part of burner culture (ya know the people who throw burning man festival, among others).

Maybe you could do it and see , I hear stories of people fire scrying , so you could contact an entity and then proceed to dance if you want to .

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What’s the context? Dancing has been used as ritual offerings for thousands of years. This would seem to be another part of it, without understanding what you’re wanting to accomplish.

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