Bune Success : First time envoking an entity

Ever since i started reading about entities and Demonolatry I was drawn to Duke Bune . After gathering enough information i decided to summon him .

So it was in February (Friday ) , i went to the store and bought two yellow candles , chocolate , printed bune sigil from the internet .
I came back and closed the doors , created a salt protection circle and walked around it 3 times and yelled " no unwanted being shall enter this circle ’ then I meditated on Bune sigil for about 10 minutes when i was relaxed i chented his enn , i kept on chanting and didnt feel nor see anything , i stated my request and closed the ritual .

I skipped a week and on the 15th of February I decided to try again , I worked the night shift the previous day so iwoke and went to the stores and bought 2 green candles , sandal wood incense , a bottle of wine . I got home and closed the doors and prepared for Bune envocation . I live in the hood ( unformal settlemt ) so both my neigbours were playing their music on loud .

I played Bune Meditation video ( from youtube ) , i took a bath (with salt in it )
After taking a bath i took a big mirror and placed Bune sigil on it , i placed two green candles on the side of the mirror , i lit my incense , I created a protection circle with salt and walked around it and yelled ’ no unwanted being shall enter " then i got inside the circle i turned up the volume of the video (which i was playing in my ohine but connected to speakers )

I meditated for 10 minutes , i put put 5 drops of my blood on the sigil and gazed at it while chanting Bune’s enn , my neighbours were still playing their music on loud .

In three minutes time they both decided to turn off their music at the same time , thats when Bune arrived :slight_smile: I sensed him , now i felt like there is something very big standing behind me , i decided not to look at the mirror as i was not prepared to see her :slight_smile:

I welcomed her and thanked her for coming , then i grabbed my book and started reading my request (two times )
Then i told her i will offer her a glass of wine , glass of rum , and drops of my blood eveey fridays for 8 weeks . I told her that im done , i thanked her for coming and told her to go in piece and she can stay if she wants

Then i closed my eyes and kept then she left after 1 minute.
Hail Bune !!!


Was your petition fulfilled? Sound like you did a great evocation.


Also Curious to hear if it was fulfill ?