Bune seems to be sending a message

I have been praying to Bune more lately. Asking if he could make sure that my friend’s money endeavors go through. She is going to pay my credit debt off and give me money to help me out (my family is going through rough money troubles) due to stress and infighting with my family I had been losing my faith in Bune. Questioning if he is even real.

Today, however, I have been startled with something. If a customer leaves behind their change we are allowed to take the quarters for ourselves. It’s not much towards helping me. But within the first 2 hours i had amassed $1.50 worth. Usually its lucky if a person leaves behind a few pennies for the penny bowl. Just now I have gotten a total of $2.75. And I’m still here for 3 hours.

I thanked Bune and apologized for my doubt. That I do believe he will help out my friend which will on turn help me out. I’m in such a bad spot right now that a few quarters a day is helpful. So I wholly appreciate Bunes help.


I hope u get through the rough times.


Thank you for your good wishes. My families running off of my $300 a week paychecks right now so it’s not easy. Thank you.

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Oh wow. I’ve been right where you are. The company I was working for packed up and moved across the country. A very large company everyone knows but I won’t say online. Best job I ever had. Where I decided to switch to was a horrible choice. The little office was psychotic and I bailed within a few months, to my great shock to find d out I could t find a job anywhere for the first time in my life. I have perfect employment history and and awesome corporate experience in my history and I couldn’t even get a job as a waitress! And I had four years of waitressing experience from when I was in college too!! It was crazy! All my credit cards went to collections and a few times I legit didn’t have money for food. Me and my boyfriend went to the river and caught shrimp to eat. Seriously.

It is only temporary. Plan your spending. Plan plan. If I can pull myself out of that shithole I was in, so can you! It fucking sucks donkey balls but you can do it.

Keep focusing on what you can do, not what you can’t do. Don’t beat yourself up. Be creative. Creativity saved my ass. I made spaghetti and used a can of ministroni soup for sauce one time cause that’s all I had xD It was actually pretty good. Again, it’s temporary.

Best wishes <3


I’m having a super rough time as well. I’ve been through places like this and it’s kinda odd how one can look back with an odd nostalgia when things get better.

Bune has been with me though. I have just managed to get by. Every paycheck comes in the nick of time. I look forward to better days, but tough times teach us who we are.

Good luck :+1:

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