Bune notting happened

Hi, i did today morning a rit. with bune evocation but notting happend. I had write on paper my ask to him but there where notting i could notice as a sign of his presence. I gave offering, candles etc. Any opinions?

What were you expecting?

You’re a beginner. The chances are very high that your senses aren’t developed enough to know if the spirit was there are not.

Just assume it was.

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Sometimes is good to repeat a spell 3 nights. Ask the tarot or a pendulum before. Consacrate it with the power of the 5 elements before or ask a demon or dark god to bless it

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I have a question related.
How come when other religions pray to their god for help they have unconditional faith even new people but when it comes to the lhp people need a sign or a face in the smoke else it wasn’t heard?

Good question. I think its a stereotype created by movies and books. In pop culture if you do some rituals there is always an answer for your doings

I can tell you how to work with bune open your heart give her respect ,i can go more in details pm if you need help she is a awzome spirit to work with also she loves chocclate pudding


@William_bey can you help me too?


you should develop your psychic sense first


Hi, @William_bey would you tell me how to work with bune?

Try to not force sensory manifestations and focus more on the general feeling that engaging in ritual provides. Feeling is the essence of all magic. If you feel satisfied, right now you probably don’t because you were seeking something else, then that’s enough.