A must listen.

I can’t say anything about Bune and Hecate being the same, because in my experience although they have a similar function they are not the same. Just because two people work as police officers does not mean they are the same officer.

Now there is historical and scholarly evidence that suggests that Astarte/Astaroth may in fact be Hecate. In my experience Astaroth is either the male counterpart to Astarte or just Astarte deciding to show up as a man (I prefer to see Astaroth as a male counterpart as it creates harmony and polarity), but also that Astarte and Hecate are indeed the same spirit.

Astaroth appears as a woman to me, AND asa witch goddess. I am more or less on support of the Astaroth= Hecate theory. It makes sense and lines up with a number of mysteries Astaroth has revealed about herself.

I also do not see Bune being Hecate.


I love the guy in this video.

[quote=“Globalitz, post:1, topic:5192”]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p6RZcv-rzc

A must listen.[/quote]

Hecate’s energy is a lot more powerful…

If you have evoked them both you would know the difference.

Hi, Dani, I am still working on my Evocation skills. But I am sure the woman doing the presentation knows a lot about it.