Bune and King Paimon Discuss Computers and Other Tech

Duchess Bune:

“Of course computers exist in the spiritual realm. It is different from your limited technology. Vast infinite computing power and infinite data. Your Internet with all its devices is quickly reaching this point.”

King Paimon:

“You humans claim to be so advanced with your “technology.” I think it was your Martin Luther King Jr. that said once that ‘Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.’ Was he so right indeed!
The vast endless database of knowledge is what you know as the Akashic records. Only a few have seen it. This web of yours is only a subset of it. You all will never be access all of the knowledge in it.”

As usual, it is up to you all to judge whether these are actually from Bune and King Paimon.

My phone actually cut off while typing this in to you. There are those that did not want this message to be posted here.



This was pretty cool. Ive always wondered how far the internet could ever go, like if someday in a long time from now it would have infinite info or if we would somehow “run out of room” for anything more to be added to the internet.

Hmm… in theory, space could sort of run out, but it’s highly unlikely because our storage capacity will continue to improve, and when we expand to space… the incomprehensible size of it should allow for us to last for a very, very long time.

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The akashic records thing has me a little concerned. Akasha is mistranslated in western practice, it is synonymous with universal chi, prana. However it is not uncommon for spirits to use terms we are familiar with to make a point. So he may just be using your preconceived idea of the akashic records. For me King Paimon walked me through the halls of amenti.

I’m seeing parallels from my own experience, just differing terminology. So as for the King Paimon bit, I can see that being him.

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